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Freedom Chair

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Freedom Chair with Headrest

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Freedom Chair, Leather Seat

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Liberty Chair

The look of the Humanscale Liberty Chair is simple and unadorned, but the internal design is elegant despite the complexity of the engineering. This is a chair that moves when you move, reclines in response to the pressure of you body, and keeps your lower back supported and stable the whole time.
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Liberty Side Chair

Humanscale brings the genius of the Liberty Task Chair to a 4-leg version with the Liberty Side Chair. A tri-panel mesh back ensures constant comfort and breathability, keeping you cool and comfortable at all times. With its 4-leg base the Liberty Side Chair works great as guest seating for an office or waiting room. For additional comfort, the back of the Liberty Side Chair pivots, letting your guests recline as they wait. A frameless front seat edge keeps your thighs comfortable while still offering plenty of support.
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Saddle Seat

Humanscale takes the genius of the award-winning Freedom Chair to a stool with the Saddle Seat. Available as the Saddle (22" wide seat) or Pony Saddle (16" wide seat), this mobile stool actually helps contribute to a healthier work place. By encouraging you to sit in a saddle posture, the Saddle Seat lowers your thighs and opens your hips, putting the spine in a much healthier position.
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Cinto Chair

The Humanscale Cinto Stacking Chair is one of the most comfortable stacking chairs on the market. A floating backrest gives the Cinto Side Chair flex, giving you more comfort as your sit and lean back. The Cinto Stacking Chair is one side chair you won't mind sitting in.
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Cinto Chair, Sled Base

The Cinto Chair, Sled Base is one of the most comfortable side chairs on the market. A floating backrest provides ergonomic lumbar support. Cross slits are cut into the seat and back and serve as ventilation, allowing for the free flow of air and also help reduce pressure points. This Sled Base Citno Chair is lightweight and versatile, making it one of the top office side chairs on the market.
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Cinto Chair Stacking Dolly

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Diffrient Smart Chair

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Diffrient World Chair

The Niels Diffrient World Chair walks that fine line between simplicity and versatility to perfection. The ergonomic World Chair from Humanscale has only two manual adjustments - seat depth and seat height. The rest of the chair interacts automatically with the user - 3-panel mesh back, weight sensitive recline mechanism and a frameless front seat edge combine to make this chair intuitive to use. Designed by Niels Diffrient with Humanscale.
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Humanscale Ergonomic Package 1

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Humanscale Ergonomic Package 2

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Humanscale Seating

Humanscale Office Chairs- Comfortable, Simple, Beautiful

Humanscale is an industry leader in ergonomic seating. Shop outstanding task chairs like the Freedom Chair and the Liberty Chair, and the most ergonomic stacking chair available -- the Cinto Chair.

The concept of ergonomics can apply to nearly every kind of product. No other company has embraced this other more than Humanscale- which has a range of office products that are ergonomically designed. However, the cornerstone of an ergonomic office remains the office chair. Humanscale chairs place particular emphasis on ergonomic design, a user-friendly control interface, and an attractive look.

Humanscale seating is revolutionary in that it achieves the same level of comfort and fit for users without any bulky, complicated controls. Humanscale office chairs, including the Freedom Chair and the Liberty Chair, have an automatic adjustment system that provides the optimal amount of resistance without any kind of tilt adjustments or pressure controls. This resistance mechanism find the natural amount of recline for your particular weight and size. When sitting down in Liberty, you don't need to fiddle with anything besides the height of the chair. It's really that simple. The Freedom Chair is slightly more involved, but it's still unbelievably easy to fit to your body. The back rest adjusts vertically to fit to your back along with the seat height. The result for both Liberty and Freedom is two stellar ergonomic office chairs.

You can choose from a range of fabrics, leathers, and upholsteries when you customize your own Humanscale ergonomic chair. The Liberty Chair has a non-stretch mesh back that acts as a substitute for a lumbar support device. The Freedom Chair has a range of matching seat, back and headrest materials that will match virtually any space in the office or at home. The Liberty and Freedom chairs are both outstanding choices as task chairs that can improve your posture and productivity.

If you need help choosing the right Humanscale chair, please call a Smart Furniture salesperson at 888-467-6278. You can also check out our guide to selecting an ergonomic office chair.