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Humanscale Office Chairs- Comfortable, Simple, Beautiful

Humanscale is an industry leader in ergonomic seating. Shop outstanding task chairs like the Freedom Chair and the Liberty Chair, and the most ergonomic stacking chair available -- the Cinto Chair.

The concept of ergonomics can apply to nearly every kind of product. No other company has embraced this other more than Humanscale- which has a range of office products that are ergonomically designed. However, the cornerstone of an ergonomic office remains the office chair. Humanscale chairs place particular emphasis on ergonomic design, a user-friendly control interface, and an attractive look.

Humanscale seating is revolutionary in that it achieves the same level of comfort and fit for users without any bulky, complicated controls. Humanscale office chairs, including the Freedom Chair and the Liberty Chair, have an automatic adjustment system that provides the optimal amount of resistance without any kind of tilt adjustments or pressure controls. This resistance mechanism find the natural amount of recline for your particular weight and size. When sitting down in Liberty, you don't need to fiddle with anything besides the height of the chair. It's really that simple. The Freedom Chair is slightly more involved, but it's still unbelievably easy to fit to your body. The back rest adjusts vertically to fit to your back along with the seat height. The result for both Liberty and Freedom is two stellar ergonomic office chairs.

You can choose from a range of fabrics, leathers, and upholsteries when you customize your own Humanscale ergonomic chair. The Liberty Chair has a non-stretch mesh back that acts as a substitute for a lumbar support device. The Freedom Chair has a range of matching seat, back and headrest materials that will match virtually any space in the office or at home. The Liberty and Freedom chairs are both outstanding choices as task chairs that can improve your posture and productivity.

If you need help choosing the right Humanscale chair, please call a Smart Furniture salesperson at 888-467-6278. You can also check out our guide to selecting an ergonomic office chair.