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Kartell Chairs - Playful, New, and Boldly Innovative

It takes a lot of thought to make something new out of something as old as a chair. And by "new" we mean something that simply has to be looked at. That's what Kartell has been able to do consistently for decades, and that's what the Italian manufacturing and design firm continues to do today. With ultra-modern creations like the Ghost Chairs, the Bubble Club Group, and the Mademoiselle Chair, Kartell chairs stand out in any setting. To say that they're conversation starters is an understatement. When people see the Bubble Club Sofa for the first time, they're going to comment on it. And that's the way it should be with modern seating.

Kartell lounge chairs defy normal expectations. The Bubble Club Chair is made of batch-dyed polythylene. The LCP Lounger is another Kartell lounge chair made of unusual materials. The Trix Lounger unfolds into numerous different shapes. No matter what relaxation-inducing seating item you buy from Kartell, it will without a doubt be like none of your existing furniture (unless you're already a Kartell fan).

Dining chairs by Kartell add a contemporary element to any dining room. The Louis Ghost Chair is an excellent option. Miss Trip, with its unnatural combination of wood and plastic, is also a striking dining chair. The dinner table is an important place. It's where you converse with family and friends. It's where you hear about your child's day. If you think you'd like to add a touch or color, personality, or just nicer chairs to your space, shop for Kartell Dining Chairs.

Sitting in front of a computer demands comfortable seating. That's why Kartell office chairs have such conveniences as casters, tilt mechanisms, and plenty of colors and styles to choose from. Shop at Smart Furniture for modern seating by the best design firms in the world.