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Modular Storage and Fantastic Wall Shelving by Kartell

Bring some organization and lots of color to your home with Kartell's selection of home storage units and wall shelves. Kartell Shelves and storage units are made of durable, lightweight materials that are available in a color that's sure to please.

This curvaceous wall shelf has a scalable quality to it, allowing you to create a vivid image across any wall space and show off your books at the same time. This Kartell shelf is made of fire-retardant PVC and is available in a variety of finishes, letting you customize your space with the colors you see fit.

This Kartell storage unit is a modular organizational system that excels in the kitchen, bedroom, or the home office. This customizable storage unit comes in a variety of configurations, and the Componibili is lightweight enough to easily move about the house.