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Knoll FurnitureHarry Bertoia made his name creating some of the greatest modern furniture of the 20th century - and he did it almost entirely in metal wire. Bertoia's work takes the ordinary, the machine-made and the industrial, and creates something intimate, gorgeous, unique, and of the home. Every bit as lovely and comfortable as a fine wooden chair or an upholstered couch, his wire furniture series broke the mold when it came to out of the box design in the 20th century. At Smart Furniture we're proud to be able to offer our customers access to some of these priceless designs, all through the catalogue of the Knoll Furniture company. Bertoia would work with Knoll most of his career, and it was their partnership that brought his exemplary furniture not only acclaim and museum exhibition, but also great popularity in American and European homes.

The Bertoia catalogue really begins and ends with the Bertoia Diamond Chair, among the most daring and stunningly beautiful pieces of home furniture ever made. Everything else in the collection (with the exception of the Bertoia Bench) uses this seminal piece as a touchstone or a reference. The profile of the chair is unmistakable, and the undulating surface of the exposed wire mesh is unlike anything that had been seen before at the time it was debuted. A simple upholstered pad on the seat was all that indicated it was a chair at all by traditional standards - yet it is every bit as comfortable as the best standard wooden chairs. The beautiful diamond shaped back of the chair is simply iconic. Other pieces in the collection include the Asymmetrical Chaise Lounge, the Bird Chair, and various stools and side chairs making use of the same mesh material. All of these chairs are available with upholstery options to add a splash of color and extra comfort where you need it.


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