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Florence Knoll's principles of total design are what guide Knoll to this day. Every room, every stick of furniture, every textile and finish, is just as important as the last. Knoll is proud to design and manufacture the best-designed, most comfortable, beautiful and lasting chairs on the market. Knoll Chairs have been put through the wringer. Every detail of these chairs has been poured over, scrutinized and re-adjusted to optimize performance, look, and feel. As famed architect and Knoll design partner Mies van der Rohe said, "the detail is the design."

What are the principles that define a well-made chair? At Knoll seating, they're myriad. While all chairs aim to be comfortable, some take that as their highest calling. The Saarinen Womb Chair, while an exceptional piece of sculptural design, is one of these. Other chairs are meant to diversify space and make themselves useful. The Salsa Collection, including a Sofa, Lounge Chair and Settee is of this species. The chairs come with shelving attached to the sides, instantly turning your armchair into a library, a display, or a storage unit. Other chairs are all about material, look and style. The Bertoia collection, including the stunning Diamond Lounge Chair and the flight-of-fancy Bird Chair, is of this ilk. Fashioned out of bent wire and soft fabric, the chairs are studies in modern art, and are actually on display at MoMA in New York. Still others are tasteful riffs on utility: The Handkerchief Stacking Chairs are made for office conference rooms and hospitality areas, but their design makes them at home in any environment. Aesthetics, usefulness, comfort...the products at Knoll seating are infinitely variable and exquisitely made.

These fine Knoll chairs were made to improve your home, your room, your comfort, and your life. Big goals for a chair, but Knoll seating is up for the challenge.

With beautiful collector's items like the Womb Chair, Wassily Chair, and Bertoia Diamond Chair, Knoll produces some of the most famous seating of the modern era. Knoll Chairs are made with the same desire and passion applied to them by their original designers years ago. With a focus on premium materials and quality craftsmanship, Knoll seating is sure to please.

Only a select number of designs of the 1950's are widely recognized as timeless- and you can find them right here. One of these modern chairs is the Risom Lounge Chair by Jens Risom, a combination of hardwood frame covered by an an upholstered webbing that creates a "basket" feel. The Risom Chair is an excellent option as a side chair, lounge chair, or just occasional seating. Hailing from Germany, Mies van der Rohe created the Barcelona Group- an iconic collection of modern seating that combines plush leather with a graceful metal frame. Another standout seating collection is the Bertoia Group by Harry Bertoia. These wire framed chairs are still in production today by Knoll and are available in a wide range of colors and fabrics.