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Knoll FurnitureWorking with simple, cheap industrial materials like wire and glass, Warren Platner created some of the most impressive and lasting furniture of the 20th century. And now through Smart Furniture and the Knoll Furniture company, you can have access to the very same pieces that made the Platner name internationally famous throughout the world of interior design. The Platner signature is closely spaced, thin metal wires that form the base, outside, and support structure of a table or chair. The tables are topped with glass slabs and the chairs are lightly upholstered with just enough cloth and padding to give you a splash of color and comfort where you need it.

The Platner Collection available here includes the famous Platner Tables, which come in three different forms: The Dining Table, the Coffee Table, and the Side Table. Each piece features tightly constructed metal wires, very close together, which rise and undulate in unison to form the base of the table. The top is a beautiful, single plate of glass, completing the modern look. The Platner Coffee Table is wide and low to the ground, while the Side Table and Dining Table have thinner bases with more pronounced curves. The Platner Armchair and the Platner Lounge Chair showcase two different ways of upholstering the classic Platner chair profile, with the armchair padding the top of the seat back and the lounge chair going for full coverage above the base.

Knoll has been the longtime home of some of the most exceptional furniture in the modern era, and the Platner Collection is no exception to that rule.


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