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Equo Desk Lamp

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Onus LED Table Lamp

The table lamp for those who are minimalist at heart, the Onus LED Table Lamp is made solely of necessary elements - sized only as large as they need to be to function well. A concrete or marble block serves as an attractive counterweight for this lamp's cantilevered brushed aluminum arm.

Taj Desk Light


Pablo Lim 360 Lamp

The Lim 360 Lamp is an ultra minimalist desk lamp with a rotating base. LED lights give long-lasting illumination, and the Lim Lamp's base incorporates a USB port for charging mobile devices. Aluminum arm and base.
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Element Vision Light

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Scantling Table Lamp

The Scantling Table Lamp juxtaposes a lacquered aluminum shade and base with a solid oak adjustment arm. This modern adjustable table lamp is quite sturdy and provides directional light for reading or ambiance.
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Polo Table Lamp

The Polo Table Lamp is easily adjustable in three places, with superb balance and stability. Perfect for any desk, the Polo Lamp gives direct light to whatever you need to highlight. Injection-molded aluminum.
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Z-Bar Slim Lamp


Horizon Desk Lamp

The Horizon Desk Lamp is designed for maximum light output with minimum energy use. It incorporates high-intensity LED lights for glare-free, warm light. It also has a built-in dimmer control so that you can control the amount of energy being used, as well as the light output.
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Pisa Light

The Pisa Light leans just like its namesake tower. With a metal lampshade that stays parallel to the desk and included 60 watt bulb, the Pisa Lamp is ready to go out of the box.

Element Light

The Element Light by Humascale is a highly adjustable task light with low energy consumption. The unique counterbalance design and 360 degree swivel allows for easy adjustability, letting you easily position your light anywhere in your workspace. A single-element multi-chip LED prevents multiple shadows that plague other LED lights. Using only 7 watts of power and a 60,000 hour lifespan the Element Light is one of the most eco-friendly lights on the market today.
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Element Disc Light

The Element Disc Light from Humanscale breaks new ground in the field of ergonomic task lighting. This LED task light from Humanscale features a counterbalanced design, making movement and adjustments easy, an occupancy sensor that automatically shuts when you leave and a dimmer switch with 7 settings. With its incredible flexibility and adjustability, in addition to low energy use, the Humanscale Element Disc Light offers a brilliant lighting solution for your desk or work space.
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Mantis Clip On Task Lamp

Squinting and straining at work is a sure way to make your office life unbearable. The Mantis Clip On Task Lamp by Quirky can prevent those headaches by brightening any dark spot. It is freestanding but it can also be clipped to a bookshelf, keyboard or desk. The 11 bright LEDs make visibility clear; but you can also customize the light level with highlight or lowlight. If you've forgotten to turn it off, no worries - it shuts off automatically after 2 hours.
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UCX 36" Undercabinet Light


IO Desk Lamp

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Sero LED Table Lamp

Minimalist and industrial, the Sero LED Table Lamp is what it looks like when you take a lamp and boil it down to simple necessary parts. An attractively symmetrical design provides your desk with a conversation piece of a lamp. Aluminum with LED light source.

Lim Desk Lamp

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Alo LED Table Lamp

All you folks who love concrete, metal, and wood; all you who are minimalists first and design lovers second; all you who want your lighting to be more than just an afterthought - the Alo LED Table Lamp is for you. This architectural, raw table lamp has a molded concrete head, brushed aluminum accents, a solid Walnut base, and a warm-light LED light element for energy efficiency.

Mosso Table Lamp


Cadence Task Lamp

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Element 790 LED Light

The Humanscale Element 790 LED Light combines environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes with incredible function, making it one of the most innovative ergonomic task lights on the market. The Element 790 LED produces 90 watts of illumination using just 7 watts of power. The LED light uses a single-element multi-chip LED - that means that there are nor awkward multiple shadows. A dimmer switch with 10 settings offers adjustability and the pivoting and rotating function of the arm and head give you the freedom to shine line anywhere on your workspace.
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Pablo Clamp Lamp Mini

The Clamp Lamp incorporates sustainability and simplicity with advanced LED technology. Clamp is comprised of 3 main components that work together to provide lateral and vertical adjustment, while focusing warm diffused light where needed most. Its clamp allows you to attach it to your tabletop anywhere you'd like.
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Alogene Task Light


Bellevue AJ3 Table Lamp


Link Desk Lamp

The Link Desk Lamp has a multitude of features that make it one of the most user friendly and useful lamps available. Available in two sizes, the Link Lamp has pivoting tension control and a high/low/off switch. Made by Pablo Designs.
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Z-Bar Lamp


UCX 19" Undercabinet Light


Herman Miller Ardea Personal Light

The Ardea Light was designed by Yves Behar for Herman Miller and combines compact fluorescent technology with an award winning design. The adjustable Ardea Light works great on any desk, end table or side table and the flexible hing allows you to position the light where you need it. The Ardea Light with freestanding base combines form and function, offering energy efficient lighting in a sculptural form.
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Diffrient Light

This Niels Diffrient designed light combines unmatched versatility and usefulness into one thoroughly modern task light. The Humanscale Diffrient Light promises to bring premium task lighting to any desk or work space. Adjustable illumination, energy efficient design and a modern style ensure the Diffreient Light will be a welcome addition to any modern office.
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Link Clamp Lamp

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Pablo Clamp Lamp

The Clamp Lamp incorporates sustainability and simplicity with advanced LED technology. Clamp is comprised of 3 main components that work together to provide lateral and vertical adjustment, while focusing warm diffused light where needed most. Its clamp allows you to attach it to your tabletop anywhere you'd like.
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Piccola Table Lamp

The Piccola Table Lamp, with its leather beanbag-style base, is a quirky small table lamp that has found a home in MoMA. Spun aluminum shade and column. The entire lamp can be tilted to whatever angle you like.
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Pablo Clamp Lamp, Freestanding Base

The Pablo Clamp Lamp with Freestanding Base makes it easy to take the light where you need it. Attaches to desks, tables, and shelves with a built-in clamp. This desk light uses LEDs for long life. 360 degree rotation and 24" of height adjustment. White Oak or Walnut.
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UCX 26" Undercabinet Light


London Task Table Lamp

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Taj Mini Desk Light


Pixo Desk Lamp

The Pixo Desk Lamp is an LED lamp that features a compact design. This task lamp's rotating head and arm let you direct its light wherever you need it. USB port built in for device charging. High-low switch gives you control over this desk light's brightness.
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SOTO LED Task Light

The SOTO LED Task Light mounts to the SOTO Rail, or can have a freestanding base for those desks without a Rail attached. Slim and modern, this LED task lamp stays out of the way, saves energy, and gives you light just where you need it. Steel base, aluminum arm.

Dash Task Light

The dash LED Task Light is as much about improving how we work as it is about making a subtle statement with its design. Featuring clean lines, fluid movement and a timeless aesthetic, dash provides optimal lighting in nearly every environment. Yielding a soft consistent pool of light which “falls off” considerably less than other LED lamps.

Sobre Light


Technic Desk Lamp


Z-Bar Mini Lamp


Brazo Desk Lamp

The Brazo is the flagship Task Lamp of Pablo Designs, a firm that prides itself on creating the most innovative, user-friendly lighting devices available. "Brazo" is Spanish for "arm," and the arm of the Brazo Lamp can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted 90 degrees. The Brazo Lamp also features an ultra long-lasting LED bulb with full range dimmer and light spread control, so you can adjust the brightness as well as the spread of the light cast on your desk. This makes it ideal for use near a computer monitor since the the light can be directed on the desk surface without spilling onto the computer monitor and causing unpleasant glare.
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