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Lim Floor Lamp

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Silva Giant LED Floor Lamp

Using energy-efficient LEDs and rich Walnut wood, the sleek, modern Silva Giant LED Floor Lamp makes its presence felt. This playfully large floor lamp stands out in a crowd for its good looks as much as for its size. Oiled Walnut with linen shade.

Links Floor Lamp

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Tube Top Floor Lamp

The Kartell Tube Top Floor Lamp is a minimalist dream of a lamp, with a formed acrylic base that goes all the way to the top of the mesh shade - which is held in tension by the lamp's form. Well-suited for any modern interior, the Tube Top Floor Lamp features a fabric cord and memorable design.
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Scantling Floor Lamp

The Scantling Floor Lamp juxtaposes a lacquered aluminum shade and base with a solid oak adjustment arm. This modern adjustable floor lamp is quite sturdy and provides directional light. Useful as a reading lamp or for ambiance.
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Silva LED Floor Lamp

Using energy-efficient LEDs and rich Walnut or Birch wood, the sleek, modern Silva LED Floor Lamp gives just the right amount of light without revealing its roots in modern lighting technology. This is the floor lamp you want next to your reading chair.

Gloss Floor Lamp

This ultra-modern halogen lamp features dual-focused light sources to create ambient or focused light in different areas. The Gloss Lamp is known for its unique, almost futuristic appearance, but it's also highly versatile. The halogen lamps are elegantly revealed through their transparent twin shades which can be positioned to any desired angle and height.
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Campfire Big Lamp

The Campfire Big Lamp is a large, large lamp - and its oversized nature makes it a very space-defining object. Made from steel with a mesh fabric lampshade, the Big Lamp features one bulb for area ambient lighting.
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Forma LED Floor Lamp

Using energy-efficient LEDs and rich Walnut wood, the statuesque Forma LED Floor Lamp makes its presence felt without revealing its roots in modern lighting technology. This is the floor lamp you want in the corner of your superbly decorated living room.

Pablo Clamp Floor Lamp

The Clamp Lamp incorporates sustainability and simplicity with advanced LED technology. Clamp is comprised of 3 main components that work together to provide lateral and vertical adjustment, while focusing warm diffused light where needed most. Its clamp allows you to attach it to your tabletop anywhere you'd like.
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The Gus Lightbox serves as a floor lamp, a side table, or a stool. The cube shape will delight guests when it lights up. Made by Gus Modern.
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Light Stick

Made of Stainless Steel, the Gus Modern Light Stick is ideal for commercial purposes. The back of the light stick lights up for an eye catching display.
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Maranga Floor Lamp

The Maranga Floor Lamp is comprised of 32 slice-like pieces that form this light's shade. Slivers of light make their way through spaces in the shade sides, and a diffuser at the bottom creates an even illumination downward. Polycarbonate shade and diffuser, lacquered metal base and stem, chrome cap.
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Elise Floor Lamp

The Elise Lamp has a subtle industrial quality perfect for ambient lighting. The aluminum base rises into the frosted light diffuser and creates a lofty, airy feel. The floor lamp is available in four heights: 32", 48", 60", and 80".
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Brazo Floor Lamp

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Cortina Floor Lamp

With three different heights, the Cortina ambient light is a slim rectangular floor lamp with a translucent fabric diffuser and dimmer control. Features 2 60 watt bulbs situated vertically in the cast iron base. This marriage of vertical light and fabric diffuser creates a range of ambient light that matches any mood or occasion.
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Cala Lamp

The Cala Lamp provides soft, subtle illumination to any area of your home. Rotary molded polyethylene shade. Available as a table lamp or floor lamp. Shade rests on painted iron base. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
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Solis Freestanding Lamp

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Link Floor Lamp

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Circa Floor Lamp

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