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Corridor Media Center
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Avion II TV Stand, Quad Wide
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Editor Remix TV Stand
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Telford Plasma Stand
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Hudson Media Console
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Signal Tall Entertainment Center
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Aero 46" TV Stand
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Lafayette Console
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Newport TV Console
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Editor TV Stand
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Totem Pedestal Stand
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Publisher TV Stand
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Hepburn Media Console
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Nova Step-up Console
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Composer TV Stand
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Rond Media Console
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Stylist TV Stand
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PCH Series Entertainment Shelf
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Berkeley 2-Drawer TV Stand
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Plymouth TV Stand
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Move TV Table
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Villon TV Stand
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Slide TV Table
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What to look for when buying a TV stand or entertainment center

It’s time to get a TV stand.  Your TV is sitting on the ground with its cords running in every direction.  Your gaming system sits in the middle of the floor, and the cat has chewed through three of your HDMI cables already.  The fact is, you probably look at your television more than anything else in your house, so why not give it a sleek stand that makes it look better and gives you some nice functionality to boot?

Here are some quick tips to help you get pointed in the right direction when buying your new TV stand:

Space.  Space should always be #1 on your list of necessary pieces of info to gather.  Space will dictate what size TV stand you can purchase, and it’ll also go give you an idea of how your room will piece together.  The Jessica Mcclintock Boutique Entertainment Unit looks awesome. It’s what would happen if a Shakespeare theater had a baby with a puppet booth.  The problem is that it’s large and might not fit where you want it to go.  By the same token, you wouldn’t really be able to squeeze a 60” plasma on this guy.

How big is your TV?  As we just learned, you wouldn’t want to stash your prized 60” LED LCD on a glorified end table, so you’ll want to check the dimensions of your TV and compare it to the entertainment unit that you like.  Most TVs use the diagonal dimension to denote their size, but in our case, you’d be better off getting out the measuring tape and seeing what your horizontal dimensions are.  Here is a helpful link that shows you how TVs can vary in size and how to compensate for those inconsistencies.

Style.  Get what you think looks pretty.  We have plenty of options for aesthetic, from traditional to modern and everything in between.  Get a TV stand that you like looking at, because you’ll be seeing it a lot.

Functionality.  The last, but certainly not least option worth considering is the functionality that you want to get out of your TV stand.  Some have internal storage cabinets and shelves to hold DVDs and hardware like cable boxes and video game systems.  Certain brands like BDI have special glass that are IR treated so that you can keep your fancy equipment hidden away but still usable with the remote control.  Knowing what you want to get out of your TV stand will go great lengths in picking out the exact unit you need.

TV Stands and Entertainment centers are like many other pieces of furniture in your home.  They should fit your space aesthetically and spatially, and they should definitely look nice.  With our large selection of cabinets, TV stands, and entertainment centers, you’ll be sure to find the perfect piece of furniture to make your life a little better.


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