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BDI Eileen Shelf
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6' Wide Trilogy Staircase Shelf
$412.00 $350.20
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55" Modern Bookcase
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Fire Escape Shelf
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Cherner 4 Door Cabinet
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Classique Credenza
$1,969.00 $1,673.65
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Boulevard Credenza
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4-Shelf Bookcase
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Capet 3-Drawer Cabinet
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Hammond 3-Drawer Chest
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Jasper Cabinet
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LAX Series LB Dresser
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Savannah 3-Drawer Chest
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Classic Book Credenza
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Fairlane Etagere
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Double Decker Floating Shelf
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Cross Bar Bookshelf
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Mona TV Stand
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Adler Bookcase with Casters
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Framework Steel Bookcase
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Burnley Book Rack
$1,485.00 $1,262.25
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Cottage Open Shelf
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Almere Wall Cabinet
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Seattle 3 Door Buffet
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Cheyenne 3-Drawer Chest
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Heartland Bookcase
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Nelson Thin Edge Cabinet
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The Sidebar
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Living Room Storage and Shelving

Living rooms are awesome because you spend a bunch of time living in them. Most family gatherings occur there. The living room is where you go on weekend-long Netflix benders, watching 5 seasons of Scrubs in one sitting because you're an adult. You want your living room to look nice, and since you’re there so much, you want to be able to keep stuff there too. So what’s the problem? Most folks don’t have much furniture in their living room besides a sofa and a coffee table, and the coffee table is carrying the weight of your past 5 meals of Chinese take-out, remote controls, magazines, tea lights (because you might get a date in the next century), and your cell phone. Clean up the clutter with some nice storage furniture for your living room!

The living room is an interesting place, because you want to keep your space open, but you also want to have nice amenities at your fingertips. To help, we've got some great solutions that can help keep your space clean, organized, and spiffy.

Floating Storage and Shelves

Living rooms usually don't have much extra floor space. Most of your available real estate is taken up by your sofa, coffee table, and TV. A great solution for living rooms with scant extra space is to add some storage to your walls! Whether you want something decorative like the Fire Escape Shelf, utilitarian like the Wall Hutch Cubbie Shelf, or a mix of both like the So Simple Shelf, you can find creative solutions to your storage woes by gazing towards your walls!

Media Storage

In the age of flat screen TVs, large media centers have fallen out of flavor for many homes. Since TVs are light enough to mount on the wall, the need for a large cabinet to hold up the antiquated and heavy televisions of yesteryear are superfluous. But what yesterday has cast asunder will be reclaimed by the new designs of the future. Brands like BDI have created sleek TV stands for the technology of today. Not only do you get great looking furniture with clean lines and beautiful wood veneers, you get storage space for your Game of Thrones box set, Playstation, and embarrassing home movie collection. It's a double whammy!


Sometimes your living room just needs some shelving. Living rooms are tricky because you want furniture that looks good but still offers plenty of storage. You can't just slap a closet organizer in the corner and call it a day. Smart Furniture has some great options for the design-conscious. We have traditional shelves like the Pemberton Etagere, modern cubbies like the LAX Series Bookshelf, or distressed shelves like the Albans Bookcase. If you have some floor space and a blank wall to spare, bookcases are hard to beat. They offer tons to storage space and wonderful design opportunities. They also help keep your living room looking tidy and put together.

Keep it neat!

If you're spending a bunch of time in your living room, you definitely need to make sure you have plenty of room to stash your goodies. Smart Furniture has great options to give your living room a bit more storage while still keeping the space looking sleek and clean. Add some storage, shelves, or cabinets and watch your living room come alive!