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55" Modern Bookcase
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4-Shelf Bookcase
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Oxford Tall Bookcase
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4' Wide 2-Tier Bookshelf
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Lex Natural Shelf
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Annileise Bookshelf
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2-Shelf Bookcase
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Slant-Back Bookcase
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6-Shelf Bookcase
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Oxford Short Bookcase
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Zenhe Leaning Shelf
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Higzy Shelf
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A Frame Bookshelf
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Beautiful bookshelves and bookcases are a focal point in every well appointed home. Not only are they wonderful storage and display devices, they can be works of art in and of themselves. At Smart Furniture we've collected the very best in contemporary and classic shelves and cases to make decorating your home easier, lovelier, and finer.

A great bookcase is beautiful on its own, but it doesn't detract from the books, movies, records, photographs and other display materials it's designed to showcase. The Blu Dot Chicago series is a perfect example - on their own they're stunning, but when combined with your most treasured belongings, they truly shine.

Among our finest bookshelves are Smart Shelves, our original product and still a customer favorite. Easy to build, add to and adjust on your own, these shelves are as flexible and adaptable as the home and the rooms that you live in. They can frame entertainment centers, run up and down like steps, create walls and screens, and be as big and impressive or small and demure as you like.