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Grace Sectional
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Gus Sleeper Sectional Sofa
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Plunge Cappuccino Sectional
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Joel Sectional
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Romano Sectional
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Dallas Sleeper Sectional
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Hutt Sofa Chaise
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Signature Darcy Sectional
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Stressless Wave Sectional, Highback
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Stressless E40 Sectional, 2 Seater
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Stressless Legend Sectional
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Alvah Sectional Sofa
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Place Sofa Three Seater with Chaise
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Stressless Paradise Sectional
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Stressless Eldorado Sectional
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Arion Sectional, Lowback
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Sienna Sectional
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Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofas get their name from the L shaped—or sectioned—design. They're typically larger in size and serve as wonderful seating places for gatherings and parties. They provide lots of seating area, and the chaise is great for lounging and sipping coffee while watching your favorite TV show.

Traditional, Modern, or Something in Between

Sectional sofas come in many different designs and materials. At Smart Furniture, we like to give you choices, so we carry models all across the design spectrum. The Jane Bisectional Sofa is our #1 seller because of its innovative and modern design. You can arrange the chaise on the right or left side depending on your space. If you move around a bunch, it's the perfect solution for ever-revolving rooms. We also carry the ultra-modern Kingsley Sectional by Precedent which has straight lines and boxy ottomans. The Stressless Legend Sectional might be one of the most comfortable sofas in our collection.

If you prefer traditional designs, you can look towards the George 3-Piece Sectional Sofa. It has large, plush cushions with a more moderate edge. If leather is what you crave, then look no farther than the Fulton Leather Sectional Sofa. Its soft cell foam and top grain leathers make this sofa the ultimate luxury. It's also made in the USA too, so you can support domestic manufacturing. It's a win-win!

Made to Order or Quick Ship

Some of our sofas are made-to-order, so give our sales team a call if you have any questions about when you can expect your purchase to arrive. We happily provide fabric samples at no charge so that you can compare different colors in the comfort of your own home. It's also nice to get a feel for the different fabrics, since the texture is hard to discern through online photos. The bottom line is that we're here to help. So give us a call and get on the road to a new, awesome sectional today!