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Lovegrove Tri-Oval Table
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SM Side Table
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Royal Kahala Mystic Console
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17" High Barcelona Table
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Zaide Coffee Table
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Living Room Tables

In most living rooms, sofas get all of the attention and love since they're so big and you get to sit on them. All the while, the unheralded tables of the room sit stoically, proudly holding your drinks, food, remote controls, and feet. They don't complain, and though you might not notice them most of the time, your living room wouldn't be the same without them.

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables—also called cocktail tables—are probably the most recognizable type of living room table. Typically, they're placed directly in front of a sofa and serve a multitude of purposes. To mom's chagrin, they're often used as an ottoman or dining table. They almost always hold your drinks. In addition to their usefulness, coffee tables can also spark conversations. For example, the Noguchi Table is as much a modern sculpture as it is a table; it's a work of art. Coffee tables like the River Run Cocktail Table can give you some extra storage if you're pressed for space. If you just want a statement piece, the Larkin Rectangular Cocktail Table is certainly unique and fits well with industrial themes.

End Tables

Don't let coffee tables get all of the attention! End tables add extra utility to spaces of your living room that need it. They're also great for supporting additional lighting in the room or give the folks sitting on the end of your giant sectional a place to set their drinks. Consider storing guest sleeping supplies in the Fremont Tavern End Trunk and add style and storage to an overlooked or underutilized cranny of your living room.

Console Tables

What in the world is a console table? According to the dictionary, it's a table that should go against a wall. While Webster isn't wrong, he's incredibly un-creative. Console tables can provide additional space behind sofas and in front of empty walls. If your couch isn't pushed up against a wall, adding a Helix Sofa Table behind it furnishes somewhere to put flowers, photos, or other accent pieces. You can even use a console table as a desk!

Give the Tables Some Love!

Don't let your sofa get all of the attention in your living room! Whether you want to get a work of art like the Knoll Saarinen Coffee Table or something a bit more traditional like the Kilimanjaro Siliana Triangle Table, we're sure to carry the perfect living room table for your exact needs and tastes