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Lydock Console Table
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River Run Sofa Table
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Warner Console Table
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Eamce Console
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Monterey Sands Montecito Console
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BDI Stream Console Table
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Bronte Console Table
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Olio Natural Console
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Kingston Sofa Table
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Dorset Sofa Table
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Sanibel Console
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Newport Console Chest
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Island Console
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Zealand Console Table
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Fischer Console Table
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Denizen Console Table
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Suffolk Bay Sofa Table
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Facet Sofa Table
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Anguilla Demilune Table
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Antilles Console Table
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Provence Console Table
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Nueva Sofa Table
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School Console
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Holz Console Table
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Dark Taupe Console Table
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Plaisance Console Table
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Harrison Sofa Table
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Console Tables and Sofa Tables

Who in the world knows what a console table is? We do, and they're awesome. Also called sofa tables, console tables are a space efficient way to add display surfaces to areas of your living room, dining room, or entry way that are a little bare. Since they don't have much depth, they're unobtrusive and come in many different styles.

Different Designs for Different Homes

Console tables have a pretty simplistic design. They're basically just tall, skinny tables. Since they are so bare-bones, the biggest difference between them is what they look like and the materials they're made out of. Picking out the best console table for you just comes down to finding the one you think looks the best!

The Strut Console Table comes in bright colors, so if you like vibrancy in your home, then this table is the perfect option for you. If you want a more rustic table, you would probably appreciate the Olio Natural Console. It looks like it took a time machine from working on the railroad in 1852. We have round console tables, console tables with storage, and some that only have two legs! The possibilities are seemingly endless—as long as the table is tall and skinny!

Where Will You Put Yours?

With all of the console tables that we carry, the only question is where will you put yours? Whether you want to place it behind the sofa or next to your front door, Smart Furniture has the perfect console or sofa table for your home!