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LOFTwall LogoLOFTwall began as a dream of its designer and founder, Steven Kinder. His design background served him well in his pursuit of a customizable space-defining solution. He wanted to create a divider solution that was more than just unique; it also needed to be easily updated and use multiple materials. Located in Dallas, Texas, LOFTwall is a groundbreaking divider partition for home or workspace use.

Smart Furniture is always on the lookout for new and innovative products to add to our line of home furnishings. We want products that look great, meet a functional need, and provide our customers with an opportunity to have a hand in their design. We want the principles of excellence, functionality, and Design on Demand to extend past our own product lines and into the designer lines we offer our customers through the website. And with the LOFTwall, we found such a product. The LOFTwall system of custom room dividers was so cool, so sophisticated, and so customer-centric, that it was irresistible. They could fit a multitude of needs, whether the need be in the home or in the office. They could be carefully designed by the customer until they were perfect for any color scheme or design sensibility. And, of course, they looked great and were well made. We couldn't be more proud to offer the LOFTwall - and all its various colorful and creative iterations - to our customers.

So what exactly is a LOFTwall?

Each and every LOFTwall is as different as the customer wants it to be, but essentially it is a stand alone wall that is meant to separate or divide space. Need a little privacy between your desk and that of your co-worker? A LOFTwall creates that privacy, separates your workspaces, and adds a bit of color and design to your area. Need to create a more private space within a room? Or simply divide and organize an open room? The LOFTwall is perfect for that as well. There are a few different types of wall. Each is made up of individual panels, which can vary in size, shape, and layout from wall to wall. Panels can also be chosen by material; you can order them as colored glass, wood, opaque, etc. You can make your wall uniform or multi-color and multi-material. Fully customizable, fully functional, and completely beautiful, this is creative and effective furniture for the modern home and office.


While these walls are artful and beautiful, they are first and foremost functional. Because they are lightweight and freestanding, you can place them anywhere you'd like, over and over again. They never get in the way of a new idea or a new layout, because they can always be moved and incorporated however you see fit. Unlike drywall, large cubicle desk set ups, and other solutions, LOFTwall is light, and thus light on its feet. With no mess and no problems, you can move the wall effortlessly to it's new place. Of course, these walls aren't just valuable from a logistics standpoint. They can also serve a multitude of functional purposes simply because of the chosen materials within them.

For instance, if you're looking to add color to your home or office, the colored panels are a perfect choice. But you can get them in a few different ways; fully opaque, semi-opaque, or clear. A full range of options - that's Design on Demand. Or maybe you want a more serious, upscale look in your home or office. Then you might be more interested in the various wood panels that are offered for the LOFTwall. They can mix and match with the wood accents in your office. Of course, either way you go, the wall you create is going to be well-made, attractive and re-configurable.

Design and Customization

One of the best features of the LOFTwall is design. The freestanding panels are supported by a rectangular framework that ranges in size from model to model. But aside from that frame, everything else about the wall is totally customizable, and your creativity can run free. You can craft the perfect divider for your home or office, and have had a real hand in its design.

Any color scheme, any design scheme that you've chosen, can mesh very well with the LOFTwall. Just choose the right colors, the right panels, the right size, and you've got an elegant, well-made room divider with the functionality of a wall and the easy handling and adaptability of drapes or curtains.

There are several different ways to make the LOFTwall your own. You can start with size. Depending upon the space where you're going to use the wall and the kind of statement or function you want the wall to serve, you can get a large or a small version. After that, you choose the material type; wood, glass, solid colored panels, etc. Then you choose the tone, the specific color and wood type, and you've got a wall that's perfect for your room, whether it be in the home or the office.

In the Home

A LOFTwall is a great investment for many homes and living spaces. For apartment dwellers looking to make several rooms out of open space and to carve out unique sections of the layout, there's nothing better than a portable dividing wall. Want to make your laundry area separate from the rest of the house? Use the dividing wall. Want to turn an open space into a living room and a bedroom? Use the dividing wall to create the spaces, and to define both.

Sharing a bedroom? LOFTwall can help. Want to keep your desk separate from the rest of your bedroom? These beautiful walls are the creative and effective solution you've been looking for.

In the Office

In the office, the most common use for the walls is to create multiple work areas out of an open floor plan. Much easier to put together and utilize than cubicles, and much more colorful and people-friendly to boot, the LOFTwall is the perfect solution for start-ups, open offices, and any business space that could use a little color and originality when defining spaces.

Make large or small offices, make dividers tall or medium height, even color code the room; you can almost anything when it comes to office design with these beautiful and easy to move walls.