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Magis Chairs

The Air Collection

The Magis Air Collection was created using a brand new technology called air-molding that allows the designers and engineers to create completely smooth legs with no ribs or instability whatsoever. Like the famous molded plywood breakthroughs of the 1940s and 50s, this air-molding technology has made a real mark on the contemporary furniture market.

There are three pieces within the Magis Air Collection - the Air Chair, the Folding Air Chair, and the Air Table. Each of the pieces makes excellent use of the air-molding process to fashion stable, smooth legs. Perfect for parties, homes, and offices, this collection makes a statement in any room.

The Air Chair
The Air Chair features smooth, air-molded legs and a complete (no gaps or cutouts) seat and back. The name is perfect, referring not only to the unique process by which the chair was made, but also to the very essence of the product; in profile, the back of the chair looks like a full sail, propelling the piece forward on a column of air. It's stackable, making it easy to store and deploy at a moment's notice.

The Folding Air Chair
A different design and a different storage method set this chair apart from its predecessor. The Folding Air Chair is designed to look like an old fashioned deck chair, with perfectly smooth plastic slats replacing the traditional wooden material. The chair is light, breathes easily, and can be instantly folded and stored.

The Air Table
The Air Table is the perfect complement to the chairs in the collection. Built with the same material and using the same air-molding process, the Air Table features a flat surface with a raised edge (making it hard to misplace and/or spill drinks and baubles). Small and light, this table is perfect for get togethers, living rooms, offices, bedrooms - anywhere it's needed.