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Magis Chairs

Magis Chairs

Magis Chairs are sleek, stylish, and spare. Some are minimalist and others are multi-faceted (and feature diverse materials and modes of constructions) but all are gorgeous examples of modern interior design. Magis Chairs are designed to bring elegance and luxury into your home, instantly upgrading your living room, dining area, den, patio, or home office. There are many beautiful Magis designs to choose from, each with its own unique character and signature style.

The Steelwood Chair
The Steelwood Magis Chair combines the warmth and tone of hardwood with the strength and stability of steel in an integrated design. The chair projects quiet strength and artful stillness - familiar warmth mingled with contemporary style.

The Air-Chair
The Air-Chair is light on its feet and beautifully designed. In profile, the curved back of the chair has the appearance of a full sail, a work of art propelled by the air itself. The chair isn't just lovely, it's also practical - you can stack multiple Air-Chairs, making storage a snap. There is also a folding air chair-perfect for parties and get togethers-that features a more open design.

Deja-Vu Chair
The Deja-Vu Chair is composed entirely of highly polished aluminum, giving the chair a buffed, futuristic look that fits in perfectly with your contemporary and modern decor. The award winning design (Interior Innovation Award (Best Item) at the IMM Cologne in 2007) makes this chair a true work of art and one of the shining examples of Magis chair style.