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The Steelwood Collection

The Magis Steelwood Collection consists of a chair, a stool, and a shelving/storage structure, all built and finished with wood and steel. Mostly these two materials are thought of as necessarily separate - you either have a wooden structure or a steel structure, never both - but the designers at Magis saw the potential for putting them together in attractive ways that strengthened and complemented one another. Structurally and aesthetically, the system is a triumph of design and style.

The Steelwood Chair combines wooden legs with a steel seat, attaching them with bolts that are flush to the surface. The legs have rounded edges and do not taper - they maintain their shape all the way to the ground. The steel seat of the chair is flat and smooth, while the back and armrests are rounded, curving away from the sitter. The overall look is simple, American, and unique.

The Steelwood Stool is four-legged as well, with a simple steel seat (no backing) bolted to legs (which are reinforced by a second steel band halfway down).

The Steelwood Shelving System is perfect for both homes and offices. Three long steel shelves, complete with wooden legs and accents on the front and back, make an attractive and sturdy place to store important papers, machines, books, DVDs, files, photographs - anything you need to store, shelf or display has a home. This shelving system works just as well in a busy office (where it might hold a printer, boxes of files, and pictures of your family) as it does in a home (where books and DVDs may be the order of the day).

The complete Magis Steelwood Collection is meant to answer the practical needs of your home and office in a beautifully designed package. The wonderful chair, stool, and shelving system does just that.