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Magis brings an inventive, sophisticated, and highly accomplished eye to the world of contemporary stools. Not content to bring forth yet another small variation on the three/four legs and a round top formula, Magis set about the task of bringing real stylistic innovation to their stools, and the results are truly impressive. Adding one or more of these stools to your bar, patio, or living room is sure to add some needed comfort and indispensable style.

Here are a few of the most successful Magis stool designs:

Stool One
The Stool One design is among the most off-the-wall and creative you'll find in the contemporary furniture market. Built with aluminum and painted in bright colors, this is nothing less than a work of museum-quality sculpture. And you can sit on it! And it's comfortable! It might be hard to believe, but this stool sacrifices nothing in the way of comfort even with it's brilliant, avant-garde design.

The Lyra Stool
The Lyra Stool is all curves. Unlike the hard-edged Stool One, Lyra makes a special effort to look and feel soft and inviting. With a molded plywood seat and sloping metallic legs, this is a stool that will fit in with nearly any design scheme, silently invite your guests to take a load off, and, when unoccupied, look as pretty as a picture.

The Bombo Stool
The Bombo Stool abandons traditional ideas about home stools altogether. Instead of three or four legs, Bombo only has one. Instead of a small seating surface on a widening base, Bombo inverts that formula with a large, comfortable seat and a small, tapering base. Bombo is also height adjustable, adding one more layer of comfort and personalization. This is yet another Magis stool that makes a bold statement, and it's among their most popular.