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There's a reason that furniture has been made out of wood since the beginning of human history. It's beautiful, it lasts for a long time if dried and finished correctly, and it can be shaped and molded in many different ways. MASH Studios uses beautiful and natural English walnut wood to create modern furniture for every room of the home.

LAX Line

MASH Studios has two lines of furniture that set them apart from all other furniture manufacturers: PCH and LAX. Both of these collections feature natural wood finishes with cubist, modern lines. One of the most popular items that they make is the LAX Series Platform Bed with Headboard. This beautiful platform bed design is practical, utilitarian, and natural. The headboard mounts to the wall while the bed has unassuming storage underneath. This bed is perfect for people in urban lofts or smaller spaces. Pair it with the LAX Bookshelf for some elegant storage, and add the LAX Wall Mounted Desk to set the room apart.

PCH Line

The PCH Line consists of two beds and case goods. All of the items feature beautiful, natural wood and some feature rustic metal accents. The Canopy Bed is a whimsical and modern rendition of regal beds of past centuries. The Entertainment Shelf is a natural wood TV stand that is bright and earthy. Rounding out the collection is the PCH Dining Table set. Simple and beautiful, you can choose between chairs or benches for seating.

In Stock and Ready to Ship

Most MASH Studios items are in stock and ready to ship, which means you'll receive them in around 2 weeks after ordering! Give our sales team a call to check stock or to ask any questions you have. We'd love to talk to you! Order your new LAX or PCH furniture today and have your home looking swanky in weeks!