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Nightingale Office Chairs

Canada is famous for three things: lakes, hockey, and maple syrup. Nightingale wants to add another item to that list. With their collection of ergonomic office chair solutions, they've created a whole new level of comfort for work chairs. Move over maple syrup, there's a new sheriff in town.

Founded in 1928, Nightingale has been specializing in work furniture since their inception. Their products are sold in over 28 countries worldwide, and they adhere to the most stringent environmental and ISO standards. Their modus operandi is quality, and their in-house QC testing ensures that every chair that leaves their manufacturing facility meets their lofty standards.

Nightingale's designs are made with comfort and durability in mind. They're the only company that uses memory foam seat pads, providing unrivaled cushion for your upper thighs and glutes. They pair that cushy seat experience with responsive back meshes, adjustable arms, and integrated lumbar support to provide a completely responsive and enveloping sitting experience. They rigorously test every single design prior to manufacturing to ensure that only the highest quality, most durable chairs make the cut.

If you want to get a better idea of the kind of testing that goes into a Nightingale chair, take a look at the below video. Every chair is customizable, and they're only made with the best materials. Leave the mainstream of office furniture and invest in a Nightingale chair. You won't be sorry that you did.