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Find everything your office space is missing-whether it be at home or at work. You can find all the office accessories you need for a more productive, organized environment, from charging stations for your electronic devices to keyboard trays and monitor arms for your work surface.
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Portola Magazine File

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Portola Desk Organizer

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Bonobo iPad Sling

Carry your iPad in style with the Bonobo iPad Sling. The iPad Sling has a main pocket for your tablet and a smaller pocket for accessories. Whether you're travelling or just commuting the Bonobo iPad Sling from BlueLounge is a great way to carry your tablet. Made of 100% recycled PET plastic bottles.

Portola Letter Trays

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CPU Holder 450

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CPU Holder 600

The CPU Holder 600 helps you organize your work space by giving you a place to hold your CPU. The under-desk track mount installs with ease to the underside of your desk and a 360 degree swivel motion lets your rotate your machine around when needed. This Humanscale CPU Holder fits CPUs 3.5" - 9" wide and 12" - 20" tall.
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Element Vision Light

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Bonobo Laptop and iPad Sleeve

The Bonobo iPad and Laptop Sleeve protects your device without adding bulk or weight. A magnetic snap closure and aluminum front buckle ensure secure closing. Lightweight and easy to carry the Bonobo iPad and Laptop Sleeve is the perfect accessory for the modern individual.


For all those Mac users, The PowerCurl is keeps your computer cords nice, neat and tangle free. The case that houses the adapter will not overheat as it is raised off the ground. All in all, the PowerCurl by Quirky allows your my mind to be free to focus on other details instead of worrying about a potential mess.

Bonobo Backpack

The Bonobo Backpack is a great accessory for the modern person on the go. This Backpack has a main compartment with a padded laptop pocket and neoprene sleeve for your tablet or notebook. The ergonomic straps help keep you comfortable in your travels.

Brazo Desk Lamp

The Brazo is the flagship Task Lamp of Pablo Designs, a firm that prides itself on creating the most innovative, user-friendly lighting devices available. "Brazo" is Spanish for "arm," and the arm of the Brazo Lamp can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted 90 degrees. The Brazo Lamp also features an ultra long-lasting LED bulb with full range dimmer and light spread control, so you can adjust the brightness as well as the spread of the light cast on your desk. This makes it ideal for use near a computer monitor since the the light can be directed on the desk surface without spilling onto the computer monitor and causing unpleasant glare.
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Cable Box Mini

Unclutter your life and untangle your wires with the Cable Box Mini. a 4 socket surge protector protects your electronics while rubber feet prevent the Cable Box Mini from sliding around. The Cable Box Mini from blueLounge is a playful office accessory that helps keep your wires and cables in order.

Copy Stand and Drawer

The Copy Stand and Drawer from Humanscale helps keep your work directly in front of you as you work. This office stand reduces the need to move your head around as you work, relieving pressure on your neck, upper back and shoulders. Improve your work space ergonomics with this copy stand from Humanscale.
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NeatLinks Cable Management

Designed to house and route cables, power strips and ballasts, NeatLinks offer protection for technology, order for users, and easy installation- in any direction, to almost any place- with just two screws or double-sided tape.
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Bivi Bike Hook

The wall-mountable Bivi Bike Hook is also designed to work as part of the Bivi office system from Turnstone. Every office needs bike storage, and the Bivi Bike Hook gives you a vertical bike storage solution. Made from steel.
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Bonobo Messenger Bag

The Bonobo Messenger Bag offers a padded cross-body strap for that traditional messenger look while still providing plenty of comfort. This messenger bag from BlueLounge can hold up to a 17" MacBook Pro. A large main compartment is accompanied by mesh front pockets giving you plenty of storage space when you're on the go.

Sequel CPU Cabinet

The Sequel CPU Cabinet by BDI keeps your CPU out of sight and protected from the hazards of office life. The door opens on both left and right sides for flexible access while wheels allow for easy mobility. Get more out of your office with the Sequel CPU Cabinet.

Bonobo Laptop Tote

Protect your laptop without sacrificing style. The Bonobo Laptop Tote has a large main comparment offering plenty of storage space and an adjustable shoulder strap for easy transport. Whether a daily commute or international travel the Bonobo Laptop Sling is a great way to keep your laptop secure and protected.

Gel Mouse Pad

Add comfort and function to your work surface with the Gel Mousepad from Humanscale. The gel helps keep your hand and wrist comfortable while the lycra covering works well with any type of mouse.
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Eyesite Dual Display Support

The Eyesite Dual Display Support from Steelcase accomodates two monitors and lets you position each in the optimal position. This award winning Monitor Support features height adjustability that ensures both screens are always perfectly in line. The Eyesite Dual Display Support is sure to make your office more ergonomic.

Home Office Bulletin Board

The Home Office Bulletin Board is a simple design that lets you keep clutter and papers off of your work space. The perforated metal board works with magnets and push pins, 12 of each are included with purchase.

Power Pod

PowerPod is an artful solution to the mundane task of plugging in. Two functions are delivered in one beautiful package: convenient tabletop access to six power outlets, disguised when not in use by an accessory tray. An energy-saving on/off switch with an indicator light reduces vampire power consumption. Surge-suppression is built in. The milk and silver finishes blend with almost any decor.

Herman Miller Magazine Holder

The Herman Miller Magazine Holder is a perfect way to get papers, magazines, and other clutter off of your desk. It is small enough to fit in any workspace, and will help you to keep all papers in one spot, increasing organization and eliminating paper clutter. The plastic it is made of is durable and will last for many years to come.
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Nest iPad Stand

When you need a place to rest your iPad the Nest Stand comes to the rescue. This compact stand lets you rest your table horizontally, with the rubber cushion on the backside of your iPad, or vertically, supported by the hidden cradle. That's right, we said hidden; when not in use the cradle slides back into the Nest, giving it an even more compact look and feel.

Rotating iPad Stand

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Verb Wall Track

The Verb Wall Track from Steelcase is a great addition to any school or office environment. The Wall Track easily mounts to your wall. The aluminum casing ensures durability while the cork insert lets your Wall Track double as a pinboard. The Verb Wall Track comes with hooks for supporting the Verb Personal Whiteboard.
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Butterfly Corner Desk Sleeve

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Dual Monitor Arm, Wall Mount

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HM Connect S-300

The Herman Miller HM Connect-S300 helps you to provide power to those items on your desk whose cords are just not long enough to reach the plug, giving you more versatility in how you arrange your desk. The Connect-S300 comes with two outlets and two different cord lengths.
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Kicks iPad Rails

Your iPad isn't ready to go until it has its kicks on. The BlueLounge Kicks are thin, silicone rubber rails that attach to the back of your iPad. These stylish Kicks help keep the back of your device from getting scratched or slipping, and their minimal design doesn't add any bulk or weight to your tablet.

Verb Easel, 36 in Wide

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Bivi Markerboard

The Bivi Markerboard attaches to the Floating Side Storage and gives you a place to leave your dry-erase notes - or to use magnets to hold note in place. Powder-coated steel.
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Bivi Organizer

The Bivi Organizer fits into the Bivi Floating Side Storage, or can be used on the desktop to keep papers organized. It works as an inbox/outbox, or just as a basic organizer. Powder-coated steel construction.
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Bivi Screen

Everyone needs workspace privacy, and that's just what the Bivi Screen is aiming to provide. Meant for use with the Bivi desking system from Turnstone, the Bivi Screen is made from powder-coated steel and can serve as a magnet board.
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MiniDock Charger

The BlueLounge MiniDock lets you charge your phone right on the wall. Now you no longer have to put your iPhone on a bathroom or kitchen sink, both freeing up surface space and keeping your iPhone out of reach of deadly liquids. With the BlueLounge MiniDock your iPhone is easier to use as it charges, and its safer too.

SOTO Cableway

The SOTO Cableway attaches to nearly any desk surface that has the SOTO Rail attached. The Cableway keeps cords off the floor and out of your way behind your desk. Part of the SOTO system from Turnstone. Steel construction.

SOTO Pile Box

Just what it says it is, the SOTO Pile Box is a box meant to be stacked on top of other Pile Boxes. All that little stuff you need for your work needs a place, and with the Pile Box it's found a home. High-gloss, durable ABS plastic.
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Find everything your office space is missing-whether it be at home or at work. You can find all the office accessories you need for a more productive, organized environment, from charging stations for your electronic devices to keyboard trays and monitor arms for your work surface.