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Steelcase Airtouch Table & Desk

The Airtouch Table offers a flexible alternative to your standard work surface. The Airtouch can be raised or lowered with incredible ease. The Airtouch Table and Desk gives you the flexibility to sit or stand as you work, or shift positions between both. Designed to keep you healthier by letting you stand and stay productive, the Steelcase Airtouch Table and Desk brings the latest ergonomic design to any office.
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Embody Chair

A lot of task chairs claim to be groundbreaking and revolutionary, but the Embody Chair from Herman Miller stands head and shoulders above the rest. The world's first health positive chair, sitting in the Embody Chair can actually improve the health of your back and spine. Designed by Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber, the Embody Chair has a unique design and an impressive ergonomic pedigree. From highly adjustable arms to seat material that encourages air flow and a uniquely supportive back that moves with you, the Embody Chair has truly changed the game in the realm of ergonomic office chairs. If you are looking for a healthier work space or office, look no further than the Herman Miller Embody Chair.
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Envelop Desk

The Envelop Desk is an adjustable, ergonomic desk by Herman Miller. It features a desk top that slides forward to the ideal position for the user to work comfortably. The front of the top slides forward 7 inches and provides flexible support for the forearms and wrists.
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Mirra 2 Chair

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Mirra Chair

The Mirra Chair is a study in elegance, adaptation, and comfort. Designed by Herman Miller in conjuction with German design team Studio 7.5 in 2003, Mirra was conceived as a paradox: a chair that was more supportive but used less material, that was high-value but low cost, that had fewer manual adjustments but a better, more intuitive fit for the user. On all fronts, Mirra is a smashing success.
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Adapt Height-Adjustable Table

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Think Chair

The Steelcase Think Chair reads your body, intuitively responding as your position shifts. The Think Chair moves as you do, keeping you comfortable and supported throughout the day. The design puts all functional parts on full display, providing an eye-catching task chair and showing that the Think Chair has nothing to hide. The Think Chair from Steelcase is one of the premium task chairs on the market.
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3' Wide Classic Bookshelf

The 3' Wide Classic Bookshelf is slender and tall fitting of the title classic. Organize your literature and media items accordingly. Easily assembled and 6 color options.
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Aeron Chair

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is the best known office chair, ever. The Aeron Chair was designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick and kick started the ergonomic office chair revolution, and is as amazing today as it was when it was released in the 1990s. The Aeron Chair uses a unique breathable Pellcle suspension material that lets air pass, keeping you cool as you work. Superior ergonomics like the PostureFit lumbar support keep you in constant comfort and provide incredible support. A high, wide back supports your upper torso and takes pressure off your lower back, relieving uncomfortable tension and pressure. More than just groundbreaking design, revolutionary ergonomic support and an environmentally manufacturing process, the Aeron Chair from Herman Miller has an unmistakable style that fits in any home, office or home office.
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Pixo Desk Lamp

The Pixo Desk Lamp is an LED lamp that features a compact design. This task lamp's rotating head and arm let you direct its light wherever you need it. USB port built in for device charging. High-low switch gives you control over this desk light's brightness.
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Freedom Chair

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Currency Bookcase

The Currency Bookcase from Steelcase combines clean lines, solid construction and adjustable shelves to offer you plenty of storage in one stylish piece. The compact size of the Currency Bookcase lets it fit right by your desk, ensuring your reference books and important documents are always close at hand.
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Sayl Chair

The Sayl Chair is a chair that wears its reputation as sculptural art on its sleeve, looking very much like the suspension bridges that inspired its design. It's beautiful, utterly unique, and priced very affordably.
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BDI Sequel Desk

The minimalist Sequel Desk by BDI is a perfect fit for the modern office. The overall look is sleek with steel base, 3 wood veneer color options, and black micro-etched glass surface. Features include a desk drawer, internal power strip, and integrated cord management.
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Herman Miller Flo Monitor Arm

The Flo Monitor Arm from Herman Miller will make your work space or desk more ergonomic. This award wining monitor arm features 13.3 inches of vertical adjustment and 20.6 inches of horizontal adjustment that give you the freedom to perfectly position your monitor. The innovative Flo Monitor Arm is designed to work well with both computer monitors and touch screen devices like a tablet. A clamp base easily attaches to almost any desk or table surface.
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Setu Chair

Setu is a product of the German design firm Studio 7.5, and it resembles an updated homage to the Eames Aluminum Group Chairs that helped make Herman Miller a household name. Light as a feather and inexpensive, this is a chair than can be used in both the home and the office - it'll make you comfy in both places.
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Herman Miller Eames Desk, Left-Hand Drawer

The Eames Desk helped usher in a new era in residential furniture. While it is an iconic home office desk, it's equally at home in a corporate office environment. The Herman Miller Eames Desk is both functional and attractive. Eye-catching colored panels combine with the wood surfaces and aluminum frame to stunning effect. In addition to work surface the Herman Miller Eames Desk, Left-Hand Drawer also features a drawer on the left hand side for easy storage.
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Series 7 Height-Adjustable Table

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Currency Freestanding Lateral File

The Currency Freestanding Lateral File from Steelcase is a great solution to keep you and your office organized. Spacious drawers accommodate both legal and letter size files, whil ball bearing drawer suspensions allow for easy open and close actions. The laminate finish and quality construction make the Currency Freestanding Lateral File a welcome addition to any office.
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Setu Stool

Setu is a product of the German design firm Studio 7.5, and it resembles an updated homage to the Eames Aluminum Group Chairs that helped make Herman Miller a household name. Light as a feather and inexpensive, this is a stool that can be used in both the home and the office - it'll make you comfy in both places.
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CableDrop Cable Clips, Pack of 6

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When it comes time to buy new office furniture - to furnish a new office or re-furnish an old office - you're the best judge of what will work well for you. You know what you need to make your office complete. Whether your home office needs a new task chair, your business office needs a new desk, or your small company needs a flexible, modular office furniture solution, you're in the right place. You'll have a smarter, more effective office when you're done here.

Since there's no single characteristic that defines whether an office is "smart" or not, we at Smart Furniture provide high quality office furniture and help you to make an informed choice. There are a few characteristics that we think a "smart" office should exhibit.


A Smart Office is Comfortable

  • This one is simple enough to understand. If you aren't comfortable, you're distracted; if you're distracted, you're not productive. That's why we carry the most comfortable office chairs on the planet. Made by companies like Steelcase, Herman Miller, Humanscale, HON, and Knoll - organizations that have set themselves apart from the rest of the office furniture world - these office chairs are as inviting as furniture can get. With numerous features, some of which have only been around since the last decade, these user-friendly chairs offer a wide range of adjustability and personalization so that your chair fits you in a way that maximizes your comfort.

  • If this sparks you interest (or if you've never heard of a lumbar support or tilt limiter) take a closer look at some of our bestsellers like the Embody Chair, the Leap Chair, the Aeron Chair, the GESTURE Chair, or the Mirra 2 Chair. These items feature adjustable arms to support you while you work, adjustable lumbar support so your back doesn't ache, and flexible seats so you can stay comfortable throughout the work day. While most task chairs only offer a limited number of adjustments (most come with a seat height adjustment and that's about it), our lineup of office chairs comes with a range of options so you can completely personalize your chair's fit.

  • In addition to task chairs, we also offer every type of seating type your office could need - including conference room chairs, guest seating, executive chairs, stacking chairs, and lounge chairs with an office-oriented aesthetic. So if you need something special for your reception area, your conference room, or just want to treat yourself to a plush executive chair, we've got something for you.

  • Looking for a desk that doesn't limit your work space or make you sit in an awkward posture? Our collection of desks includes ergonomic desksheight-adjustable - like the Float Table - while others have an ergonomic shape that keeps your worktools within arm's reach - like the Envelop Desk.


A Smart office is Organized

  • Clutter can punch a hole in anyone's day. The result can be a lost fax or a missing telephone number; the cause can usually be attributed to a lack of organization. An unorganized office rarely makes for an efficient and productive space. That's why Smart Furniture carries a range of organization accessories like file pedestals, bulletin boards, and cable management systems to remove clutter and get your entire office in order.


A Smart office is Ergonomic

  • Ergonomics is a broad term. It can apply to anything that is designed to fit the human body's needs. Even the most generic office chair is somewhat ergonomic - after all, it has both a seat and a back.

  • With that said, some things are more ergonomic than others. At Smart Furniture, we've taken advantage of the rapid advances in ergonomic technology over the last 20 years to bring you the most ergonomically inclined office furniture and accessories you'll find anywhere.

  • Be sure to check out our ergonomic accessories like monitor arms, keyboard trays, and footrests. They can turn your workspace into a place of comfort for your eyes, hands, and feet. These simple accessories can go a long way towards creating a relaxing workspace - even more than a good office chair can. They'll automatically change your posture for the better.

  • In addition to our ergonomic office accessories, many of our office chairs have the most technologically advanced features available today. For ergonomic work chairs, look at our lineup of task chairs by Humanscale, Herman Miller, Knoll, HON, and Steelcase.


A Smart office is Adaptable

  • In one year - or less - your business will have different needs than it does today. You'll have added staff, restructured, or streamlined the way you interact with your co-workers. If you mirror today's trends, you'll be collaborating more with one another and sharing workspaces as you solve problems together.

  • Office furniture needs to be able to catch up with you. That's why we like collections such as Turnstone Bivi and HON Motivate. They're two great solutions for a workplace that can change with your needs. Adaptable, modular, and reconfigurable, Bivi can grow with you and move anywhere you do.

  • Another facet of adaptability is mobility. Desks on wheels - like the Everywhere Tables, or Verb Tables - are perfect for mobile training rooms that emphasize group collaboration. And just as they work well in training situations, they also work well when your job requires you to work with various people throughout the day - or when your home office isn't its own set-aside room. A wheeled desk can stay out of the way when it's not needed and easily move to where you'll use it.


Whether your "smart" office is in your home (where you pay the bills, make your latest blog entry, and catch up on the news) or at work (where every day needs to be as productive as possible), Smart Furniture has a solution for your office needs.