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Your office environment reflects in your work. From ergonomics to pretty colors, the workspaces that you create for yourself and your employees will affect your business's attitude, efficiency, and general happiness. The proper office furniture can also make you healthier.

Ergonomic Office and Task Chairs

A popular quote says that you should never skimp money on the things that separate you from the ground. The phrase typically applies to mattresses, tires on your car, and shoes. The thinking is that those items affect you in many ways; the mattress can prevent back pain and lead to better rest, the tires will keep you from cascading off of the road, and the shoes give your body a good base which can also relieve back pain (Avoiding back pain seems to be a common theme). Office chairs—also known as task chairs—should be added to that list.

Most people sit in an office chair for at least eight hours every day, and sitting for those extended periods without the proper support can prove detrimental one's health. Investing in an ergonomic office chair should be the first step towards revitalizing one's work space. Take a look at our list of the top 10 office chairs to get started. If you want to skip ahead, you can also try out our office chair genius to help find the best chair for you. Your back will thank you.


Desks are where the magic happens; you use it every day while creating reports, writing content, and maybe even sleeping on it (just kidding). Desks come in many different shapes, sizes, and types. Whether you want to get an ergonomic sit to stand or height adjustable desk or revamp your office's workflow with collaborative work stations from Bivi, getting a desk that is conducive to your business and work style will improve its quality.

Storage + Accessories

Getting your work area cleaned up can lead to increased productivity and less anxiety. It'll also help with your work's accuracy, since clutter can be distracting. Cleaning up stray cables with a Cordies Organizer, putting your monitor on an M2 adjustable monitor arm, or illuminating your work space with a desk lamp are all steps you can take to make your work space cleaner and healthier. Collecting loose papers and putting them in a file cabinet will make you more organized and efficient.

Conference Room

Do you loath meetings? Do your employees scatter at their announcement? Make your conference room a place that people want to be, and watch your team morale improve immediately. Whether you add better seating or a larger table, make sure that your conference room is a place that inspires collaboration and teamwork.

Call Us for Help!

We love helping folks design better office spaces. Whether you're opening a new office, revamping your current space, or just adding a couple of items at a time to your current set-up, our sales team wants to help. We can supply you with free swatches of veneers, laminates, and fabrics. We can even do 3-d renderings of our designs in your space! Let us help you help yourself!