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Think Stool

The Steelcase Think Stool reads your body, intuitively responding as your position shifts. The Think Stool moves as you do, keeping you comfortable and supported throughout the day at any high height table. The design puts all functional parts on full display, providing an eye-catching task chair and showing that the Think Chair has nothing to hide. The Think Stool from Steelcase is one of the premium office stools on the market today.

Aeron Stool, High Height

The Herman Miller Aeron Stool takes the iconic Aeron Chair to new heights. The same legendary design and ergonomic comfort but in a stool version, the Herman Miller Aeron Stool is perfect for any high work surface, office collaborative environment, pretty much any work zone where you might need a little more height.
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Turnstone Buoy

The Turnstone Buoy isn't just a stool - it's a height-adjustable, rocking, posture-sensitive ergonomic stool. That's a mouthful. On its rocker base, the Buoy moves just like its nautical namesake. Height adjustable and comfortable.
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Ignition Cafe Stool

The HON Ignition Stool brings functionality and comfort to your high surfaces. The Ignition Cafe Height Stool from Hon is a great addition to any tall table. Like the original task chair, the Ignition Cafe Stool is designed with versatility in mind; people come in different shapes and sizes and the Ignition Stool aims to keep all comfortable and productive as they work.
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Cobi Stool

The Cobi Stool by Turnstone is a small, light desk stool that is perfect for the workplace and home office alike. Not a "task stool," Cobi still combines state-of-the-art materials and good design to provide seated comfort. Flexing top edge, back, and seat encourage movement. 5-star caster base and ring footrest.
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Uno Stool

The Turnstone Uno Stool combines comfort an intuitive features into an incredibly easy to use office stool. A taller version of the popular Uno Chair, the Uno Stool brings that same form-meets-function design to your taller work surfaces. A suspedned, hammock-style seat offers comfort for even long use. The Turnstone Uno Stool is a great addition to any office space.
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LXO Work Stool

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Leap Stool

The Steelcase Leap Stool makes working at any high height desk or table better. The Leap Stool actually encourages you to move as you sit, ultimately keeping you healthier and more productive as you work. The Leap Stool's back is designed to provide constant back support as you shift throughout the day. The Leap Stool from Steelcase takes ergonomics and comfort to new levels, making it one of the best sitting options for workers at standing height tables.

Saddle Seat

Humanscale takes the genius of the award-winning Freedom Chair to a stool with the Saddle Seat. Available as the Saddle (22" wide seat) or Pony Saddle (16" wide seat), this mobile stool actually helps contribute to a healthier work place. By encouraging you to sit in a saddle posture, the Saddle Seat lowers your thighs and opens your hips, putting the spine in a much healthier position.
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Amia Stool

The Amia Stool brings all the comfort and function of a premium task stool to your office without all of the bells and whistles that lead to a jump in price. The Amia Stool gives you everything you need in an office chair without all the extras. The Amia Stool is a cost effective way to maximize comfort at any high height table or desk.
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Aeron Stool, Low Height

Taking the brilliance of the Aeron Chair to a stool version, the Aeron Stool, Low Height features the same innovative design as the iconic Aeron Chair. Comfort, style, the Aeron Stool brings a new level of function to any high table or work space.
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Crew Stool

The Crew Stool by Steelcase provides all day comfort at an affordable price for any high height table or desk. Complete with all the adjustments you need to ensure maximum comfort, the Crew Stool is easy to use and comes at an affordable price.

Nucleus Multi-Purpose Stool

The Nucleus Multi-Purpose Stool takes the genius of the Nucleus Chair and brings it to high desks, tables and counters. The Nucleus Stool uses an advanced ilira-stretch seat that minimizes pressure points and maximizes comfort by spreading your weight evenly across the seat. And with Hon's wide variety of upholstery options you're sure to find a seat that matches your style. Much like the seat, the back uses an ilira-stretch material that provides optimal lumbar support, even as you shift and move.
$345.00 $224.25
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Jack Work Stool

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Node 5-Star Base Stool

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Move Stool, Unupholstered

The Move Stool is a high work stool perfect for drafting tables at the office. Plastic seat. Made by Steelcase.
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Setu Stool

Setu is a product of the German design firm Studio 7.5, and it resembles an updated homage to the Eames Aluminum Group Chairs that helped make Herman Miller a household name. Light as a feather and inexpensive, this is a stool that can be used in both the home and the office - it'll make you comfy in both places.
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