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Meetings can drag on forever without the right conference chairs to keep participants engaged. Our collection of conference chairs, from giants like Herman Miller, Steelcase, and HON, will keep your meetings productive and allow for one-size-fits-all comfort.
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Setu Chair

Setu is a product of the German design firm Studio 7.5, and it resembles an updated homage to the Eames Aluminum Group Chairs that helped make Herman Miller a household name. Light as a feather and inexpensive, this is a chair than can be used in both the home and the office - it'll make you comfy in both places.
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Cobi Chair

The Cobi Chair by Turnstone is a small, light desk chair that is perfect for conference rooms and home offices alike. Not a "task chair," Cobi still combines state-of-the-art materials and good design to provide seated comfort. Flexing top edge, back, and seat encourage movement. 5-star caster base.

Sayl Chair

The Sayl Chair is a chair that wears its reputation as sculptural art on its sleeve, looking very much like the suspension bridges that inspired its design. It's beautiful, utterly unique, and priced very affordably.
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Turnstone Buoy

The Turnstone Buoy isn't just a stool - it's a height-adjustable, rocking, posture-sensitive ergonomic stool. That's a mouthful. On its rocker base, the Buoy moves just like its nautical namesake. Height adjustable and comfortable.
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3 Series Mid Back Chair

The 3 Series Mid Back Chair features a polished aluminum frame that contrasts beautifully with the chocolate or black leather alternative upholstery for a striking look. The 3 Series Mid Back Chair features many of the features and adjustments of a top of the line managerial chair, but comes at an affordable price.
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4 Series High Back Chair

The 4 Series High Back Chair is one of the most affordable executive office chairs on the market. This affordable office executive chair comes with the function of a premium executive chair, like padded arms, an adjustable headrest and tilt control, but without the premium cost.
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4 Series Mid Back Chair

Add style and comfort to your office with the 4 Series Mid Back Office Chair. This managerial chair has plenty of features and adjustments but at an affordable price. Tilt tension and lock ensure comfort as you recline while padded arms give your limbs the support they deserve.
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Boda High Back Chair

$616.00 $400.40
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Boda High Back Chair, Mesh Back and Seat

The mesh back and seat of this Boda High-Back Office Chair keep you cool and comfortable as you work. Mesh on an office chair allows for enhanced airflow and helps relieve pressure points. The affordable Boda High Back Chair provides quality office seating at an affordable price.
$711.00 $462.15
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Caper Stacking Chair, Molded Seat

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Diffrient Smart Chair

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Diffrient World Chair

The Niels Diffrient World Chair walks that fine line between simplicity and versatility to perfection. The ergonomic World Chair from Humanscale has only two manual adjustments - seat depth and seat height. The rest of the chair interacts automatically with the user - 3-panel mesh back, weight sensitive recline mechanism and a frameless front seat edge combine to make this chair intuitive to use. Designed by Niels Diffrient with Humanscale.
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Liberty Chair

The look of the Humanscale Liberty Chair is simple and unadorned, but the internal design is elegant despite the complexity of the engineering. This is a chair that moves when you move, reclines in response to the pressure of you body, and keeps your lower back supported and stable the whole time.
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Jack Task Chair

The Jack Task Chair from Steelcase is a great way to provide comfortable task seating to your office without breaking the bank. The Jack Task Chair is a well made piece that provides the functionality of a high end task chair without all the bells and whistles. The durable plastic outer back and contoured seat provide comfort and durability as you work.

5 Series High Back Chair

The 5 Series High back Chair from At the Office is a great way to add comfort and style to your office without breaking the bank. A polished aluminum base and frame contrasts beautifully with the black leather alternative upholstery while a mesh panel in the center of the back provides cool comfort.
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5 Series Mid Back Chair

The 5 Series Mid Back Management Chair is an affordable, stylish and comfortable piece. The 5 Series Mid Back Chair has all the qualities of a premium managerial chair without the premium price. A mesh panel in the center of the back helps keep you cool as you work. The 5 Series Mid Back Chair keeps you supported as you work without breaking the bank.
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6 Series High Back Chair

The 6 Series High Back Chair from At the Office provides top-quality functionality and comfort without a top-quality price tag. With features like adjustable arms, headrest and back it's easy to customize the 6 Series High Back Chair to your body, ensuring maximum comfort as you work.
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3 Series High Back Chair

The 3 Series High Back chair has the look and feel of a traditional office executive chair but comes at an affordable price. A polished aluminum base and frame supports the 3 Series High Back Chair and contrasts beautifully with the chocolate and black leather alternative upholstery.
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MXO Conference Chair

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Uno Armchair

The Uno Armchair brings affordable, incredibly comfortable seating to your home work space or office. Manufactured by Turnstone, the Uno Armchair features intuitive adjustments that make this piece one of the easiest work chairs on the market. A suspended, hammock-style seat offers comfort during even your longest days. An eye-catching design adds style points to the affordable Turnstone Armchair.
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Node 5-Star Base Chair

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Node 5-Star Base Stool

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Basyx Mesh Nesting Chair with Arms, Set of 2

The Basyx Mesh Nesting Chair is ideal for the office in need of temporary seating. The folding seat lets you nest multiple chairs together for space saving storage. The Basyx Mesh Nesting Chair provides comfort and support at any time.
$350.00 $227.50
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Basyx HVL521 Work Chair, Mesh Back

The Basyx HVL521 Work Chair is a basic work chair that features a mesh back for breathable, cool use. Armrests and standard adjustments like height and swivel-tilt give this mesh back chair all the functionality you'd expect in a work or task chair at an affordable price.
$239.00 $155.35
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Basyx Mesh Nesting Chair, Armless, Set of 2

The Basyx Mesh Nesting Chair is a great option for any office in need of a temporary seating solution. A mesh back provides cool comfort. Lightweight and easy to move, the Basyx Mesh Nesting features a folding seat for easy, space saving storage.
$551.00 $358.15
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Basyx HVL701 Work Chair, Mesh Back

$583.00 $378.95
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Basyx Mid-Back Executive Chair

Look no further for an affordable desk or conference chair than the Basyx Mid-Back Executive Chair. The mid-back provides support while features like swivel and tilt-control offer the features of a top quality office chair at an affordable price.
$175.00 $113.75
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Perpetual Nesting Chair

The Hon Perpetual Nesting Chair is a great occasional chair for any office, school or home. The Perpetual Nesting Chair helps save storage space by folding up to only 7.5"D when not in use and nesting together, allowing you to store multiple chairs with ease. A great option for any conference or meeting room that occasionally handles large crowds.
$530.00 $344.50
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Perpetual Nesting Chair with Arms

The ability to comfortably support any user then fold up to only 7.5" and easily stored makes Hon's perpetual Nesting Chair a great occasional seating option. This version features fixed arms that provide an extra level of comfort without complicating storage. Perfect for a conference room, auditorium, or simply as an office guest chair.
$571.00 $371.15
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ComforTask Mid-Back Task Chair

The ComforTask Mid-Back Task Chair is a cost-effective task chair for your office. Standard features like a pneumatic lift and swivel tilt mechanism provide the function of a top quality task chair at an affordable price.
$330.00 $214.50
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Bungie J-Arm Office Chair

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Knoll ReGeneration Chair, Flex Back

An iteration of the immensely popular Generation Chair, the ReGeneration Office Chair is a more economical version of its ergonomic predecessor. Made by Knoll.
$437.00 $371.45

Ceres Multi-Purpose Chair

The Ceres Multi-Purpose Chair is a lightweight, four leg base chair that provides more comfort than the average office side chair. The Ceres Multi-Purpose Chair works great as an office side or guest chair or even as a more permanent piece around your conference table. The Ceres Multi-Purpose Chair stacks up to four high for easy storage.
$476.00 $309.40
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ComforTask Mid-Back Work Chair

The ComforTask Mid-Back Work Chair is a cost effective seating solution for your office. Standard features like swivel mechanism, pneumatic lift, seat height and depth adjustment give this office work chair the functionality of a premium work chair but at a much lower price. The ComforTask Mid-Back Work Chair is the low cost solution to your office seating needs.
$213.00 $138.45
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Lota Chair

The Lota Task Chair brings you the functionality you'd expect from a top of the line task chair without a top of the line price tag. Available with a black or polished aluminum base, the Lota Chair features simplified comfort controls that make it easy to use and adjust. A counterbalance mechanism helps keep you fully supported no matter how you sit. Leaning back, tilting forward, the Lota Chair provides you constant support without needing adjustments through its weight activated controls. Three-way adjustable arms allow for height, depth and pivot adjustments.
$490.00 $318.50
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Motivate Nesting Chair

$418.00 $271.70
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Nucleus Multi-Purpose Chair

Hon's Nucleus Collection gives you comfort and versatility for your office and this multi-purpose chair is no exception. Able to stack up to four high, the Nucleus Chair is easy to store and can work almost anywhere in your office, from a conference room to a personal office, even a reception area. And when not in use, the Nucleus Chair will take up minimal storage space.
$479.00 $311.35
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Domino Stacking Chair, Set of 2

The Domino Chair from Turnstone is a durable and affordable stacking chair. Lightweight and easy to move, the Domino Chair stacks up to 20 high and are designed to gang together with quick-connect glides. Providing plenty of comfort, the Domino Chair is an ideal guest seating option for those in need of flexible, versatile seating.

Motivate Stacking Chair, 4 Leg Base, Set of 2

Ready to fill any role in your office the Motivate Stacking Chair is one versatile piece of office training furniture. The Motivate Chairs are equally at home behind a desk, around a conference table or at a group work space, and when not in use the Motivate Chair can stack up to 6 high for easy, space saving storage. Their lightweight and optional casters make them highly mobile. Designed to keep up with today's training tables, the versatility of this stacking chair will help you make the most of your office space.
$477.00 $310.05
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Solutions High Back Chair

The Hon Solutions High-Back Chair comes with a variety of features. Stay mobile with the tilting ability, 360 degree swivel, and seat adjustment. the structured high-back gives much needed support. Select from a number of upholstery options and colors.
$373.00 $242.45
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Spoon Chair


Cachet Task Chair with Swivel Base

The Cachet Task Chair has an unusual look that provides maximum comfort. Intuitive and easy to use, the Cachet Task Chair is ready to go right out of the box and promises to keep you comfortable as you work. The Cachet Task Chair doesn't have all the bells and whistles and adjustments of a premium task chair, but for an easy to use office chair that provides plenty of comfort look no further than the Cachet Task chair.
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Conference chairs are some of the most underrated furniture in the typical office. The reason is simple: if an employee is uncomfortable during a meeting, he or she isn't fully engaged. We speak from personal experience - we've had some discomfort during meetings ourselves. However, with the conference chairs that we offer, you have a wide selection of very comfortable chairs from which to choose. Help your employees stay focused and become more efficient contributors during meetings by providing them with well-designed conference chairs.