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Portola Desk Organizer

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Net Trash Can, Silver


Classic Wall Clock

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Refresh Charging Station


Z-Bar Lamp


Takara Trash Can


Anderson Organizer Tray

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Z-Bar Mini Lamp


Switch Mouse

The Switch Mouse by Humanscale embraces the the ideal of adaptation. The mouse is length adjustable to custom fit any hand. A four-way scrolling dish makes browsing easier. A v-shaped base positions the wrist as a comfortable 45 degree angle. It simply the perfect office accessory.
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Space Bar Desk Organizer

The Space Bar Desk Organizer gives you access to easy to use 6 USB ports. It sorts up 30.5 lbs and lifts your computer 1.5 inches so the keyboard is stored safely when not in use.

Macto Table Lamp

With a gorgeous solid Walnut block for its base, the Macto Table Lamp highlights the natural beauty of wood while retaining its modern look. A brushed aluminum arm supports an LED lighting element, also cast from aluminum. Energy-efficient LEDs illuminate your living room or bedroom with a warm glow, giving you just enough light to read by.

Portola Letter Trays

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Mercer Table Lamp

The Mercer Table Lamp is a minimalist accent lamp made from transparent blown glass, with an inner cotton pleated shade. This beautiful table light creates a striking floating impression when lit. Opal diffuser disk at top of lamp.
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Taj Desk Light


Ultra Flat Wall Clock

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Takara MagazineScape Organizer

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Monochrome Clock


Mobile Tail Stand


Toobe Lamp


Cabo Trash Can


Anderson Desk Organizer

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Stikit Tape Dispenser

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Shortorder Rail

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Labwork Desk Accessory Holder

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CableDrop Mini Cable Clips, Pack of 9


The Sanctuary Charging Station


Mosso Table Lamp


Portola Magazine File

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Taj Mini Desk Light


Cabo Letter Basket

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Alo LED Table Lamp

All you folks who love concrete, metal, and wood; all you who are minimalists first and design lovers second; all you who want your lighting to be more than just an afterthought - the Alo LED Table Lamp is for you. This architectural, raw table lamp has a molded concrete head, brushed aluminum accents, a solid Walnut base, and a warm-light LED light element for energy efficiency.

Sidekick Trash Can


NeatLinks Cable Management

Designed to house and route cables, power strips and ballasts, NeatLinks offer protection for technology, order for users, and easy installation- in any direction, to almost any place- with just two screws or double-sided tape.
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Gel Mouse Pad

Add comfort and function to your work surface with the Gel Mousepad from Humanscale. The gel helps keep your hand and wrist comfortable while the lycra covering works well with any type of mouse.
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Herman Miller Ardea Personal Light

The Ardea Light was designed by Yves Behar for Herman Miller and combines compact fluorescent technology with an award winning design. The adjustable Ardea Light works great on any desk, end table or side table and the flexible hing allows you to position the light where you need it. The Ardea Light with freestanding base combines form and function, offering energy efficient lighting in a sculptural form.
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Horizon Desk Lamp

The Horizon Desk Lamp is designed for maximum light output with minimum energy use. It incorporates high-intensity LED lights for glare-free, warm light. It also has a built-in dimmer control so that you can control the amount of energy being used, as well as the light output.
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Laptop Cooling Stand


Lim Undersurface Table Lamp

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Nelson Ball Clock


Net Trash Can, White


Pisa Light

The Pisa Light leans just like its namesake tower. With a metal lampshade that stays parallel to the desk and included 60 watt bulb, the Pisa Lamp is ready to go out of the box.

Flask Table Lamp


POP Cable Winder


HM Connect S-300

The Herman Miller HM Connect-S300 helps you to provide power to those items on your desk whose cords are just not long enough to reach the plug, giving you more versatility in how you arrange your desk. The Connect-S300 comes with two outlets and two different cord lengths.
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Herman Miller Keyboard and Mouse Support

The Herman Miller Keyboard and Mouse Support has the ergonomic function you need to avoid the dreaded Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The apparatus can be moved around to fit any work environment, and can even be arranged for Lefties! When the Keyboard and Mouse Support is no longer in use, it fits neatly underneath your desk and out of the way.
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Lim Desk Lamp

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MiniDock Charger

The BlueLounge MiniDock lets you charge your phone right on the wall. Now you no longer have to put your iPhone on a bathroom or kitchen sink, both freeing up surface space and keeping your iPhone out of reach of deadly liquids. With the BlueLounge MiniDock your iPhone is easier to use as it charges, and its safer too.

Pivot Power

The Power Pivot by Quirky gives you much needed extra electrical outlets. The circular design keeps cords from tangling up and the 6 foot cord allows it to be station just about anywhere.

Pliant Table Lamp



For all those Mac users, The PowerCurl is keeps your computer cords nice, neat and tangle free. The case that houses the adapter will not overheat as it is raised off the ground. All in all, the PowerCurl by Quirky allows your my mind to be free to focus on other details instead of worrying about a potential mess.

Nelson Wheel Clock


Sophie Lamp

The Sophie Lamp features a cylindrical diffuser made from polycarbonate. Its steel base has either a satin or polished finish. Perfectly sized for nightstands or small end tables.
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Milo Smartphone Stand

The Milo Smartphone Stand utilizes a hi-tec micro-suction technology to support your phone and stay attached to your table or desk. Simply peel away the protective layer, push and hold the suction pad onto whatever surface you're attaching it to, sit back and enjoy. With its clever design the Milo Stand positions your phone at the perfect angle to view videos, make conference calls, or beat that next level in Angry Birds. The Milo Smartphone Stand is an ingenious accessory that will add a little style and function to your phone.

Link Clamp Lamp

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Humanscale M8 Monitor Arm

The Humanscale M8 Monitor Arm is designed for ergonomic support in the workplace. It offers 11.5" of possible height adjustments as well as 22" of possible depth adjustment, and a rotation radius of 180 degrees. The mount can be purchased as a clamp or as a bolted mount.
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Herman Miller Flo Monitor Arm

The Flo Monitor Arm from Herman Miller will make your work space or desk more ergonomic. This award wining monitor arm features 13.3 inches of vertical adjustment and 20.6 inches of horizontal adjustment that give you the freedom to perfectly position your monitor. The innovative Flo Monitor Arm is designed to work well with both computer monitors and touch screen devices like a tablet. A clamp base easily attaches to almost any desk or table surface.
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5G Keyboard Tray

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Pablo Lim 360 Lamp

The Lim 360 Lamp is an ultra minimalist desk lamp with a rotating base. LED lights give long-lasting illumination, and the Lim Lamp's base incorporates a USB port for charging mobile devices. Aluminum arm and base.
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Lapjack Portable Laptop Holder

Keep your laptop comfortable and safely supported with the Lapjack Portable Laptop Holder from Smart Furniture. Made of lightweight aluminum the LapJack Holder can be easily adjusted so that your screen is always at your desired height. When not in use, Herman Miller's Lapjack can fold flat, making it easy to store or transport in a laptop bag, briefcase or backpack. Add an ergonomic touch to your office space with Herman Miller's Laptop Holder.
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12 Tips Ergo Mouse Pad

The 12 Tips Ergo Mouse Pads add ergo tips to the gel mouse pads. This mouse pad provides the added benefit of tips on how to maximize your ergonomic potential as you work.
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