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Height-Adjustable Desks

The computer has completely changed the way that human beings work. Computers combine many different functions into one unit. A single machine does the work that a typewriter, log book, and fax machine used to do. Efficiency and productivity are trending up. But one unfortunate byproduct of the computer age is a more sedentary workplace. Because we can do more work in one place, folks aren't moving as much while working. The body is meant to stay in motion - and inactivity is taking a toll on health worldwide. But there is a solution. Many offices are turning to a different type of desk: the height-adjustable desk.

Break the habit of sitting still by switching to a standing workstation. And there's a good reason to break the habit. Standing to work is the perfect way to keep circulation going to your extremities. That increased circulation keeps you alert, awake, and active.

For a creative group working solution, check out the Campfire Big Table. You'll want the optional counter-height version. It's called the Big Table for a reason; six people fit around it. If you pair it with the Leap Work Stool, you'll be able to sit when you want and stand when you need to. Avoid those meetings where folks are groggy from sitting still for so long. Have your employees stand up. They'll reap the benefits of movement.

Adjustable height desks are a versatile way to bring standing into your daily work. These desks are adjustable from a standard sitting position to standing height. You won't have to move your work tools and instruments from station to station. Just press a button on the Airtouch Table - or wind the crank on the Mod-E Height Adjustable Table - to raise and lower the desk.

Sitting still at a desk for hours every day isn't healthy. So get moving with a standing work station! Choose a fixed, standing-height desk (like the Riva Counter Table or Brooklyn Bar Table) or an adjustable desk (like the Series 7 Height-Adjustable Table). Your body will thank you for the gift of motion.