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Element Disc Light

The Element Disc Light from Humanscale breaks new ground in the field of ergonomic task lighting. This LED task light from Humanscale features a counterbalanced design, making movement and adjustments easy, an occupancy sensor that automatically shuts when you leave and a dimmer switch with 7 settings. With its incredible flexibility and adjustability, in addition to low energy use, the Humanscale Element Disc Light offers a brilliant lighting solution for your desk or work space.
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Sequel File Pedestal

The Sequel File Pedestal makes the perfect companion to the BDI Sequel Desk. The mobile pedestal fits snug under the desk top, while offering much needed storage with 3 pull-out drawers. Choose between 3 color options.
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Sequel Compact Desk

The Sequel Compact Desk is perfect for those needing to conserve office space. It has a modern and structured design with steel base. Features like cord management and an internal power strip make your desk space clean and organized. It comes equipped with a catch all top drawer. Choose from 3 color options.
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Portola Letter Trays

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Embody Chair

A lot of task chairs claim to be groundbreaking and revolutionary, but the Embody Chair from Herman Miller stands head and shoulders above the rest. The world's first health positive chair, sitting in the Embody Chair can actually improve the health of your back and spine. Designed by Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber, the Embody Chair has a unique design and an impressive ergonomic pedigree. From highly adjustable arms to seat material that encourages air flow and a uniquely supportive back that moves with you, the Embody Chair has truly changed the game in the realm of ergonomic office chairs. If you are looking for a healthier work space or office, look no further than the Herman Miller Embody Chair.
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Sequel Multifunction Storage Cabinet

The perfect addition to an office, all unsightly work materials and electronics can be neatly organized with the Sequel Multifunction Storage Cabinet by BDI. It is equipped with a file drawer and side drawers, printer ledge and shelf. Choose between 3 color options.
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