Huddle Collection

Huddle Collection

When you need versatility for your office, look to Hon's Huddle Collection. These flexible tables can jump between functions with ease. From a personal desk to conference table in seconds flat, Hon's affordable Huddle Collection helps you maximize the functionality of your office space.
HON Huddle Training Furniture

Hon's Huddle Collection gives you some of the most versatile training furniture on the market. These tables can accomplish just about any task you might need in your office. Desk? Of course. Conference Table? Easy. Group workstation? Not a problem. Lightweight and mobile the Huddle Tables are designed to not only serve every role you need but to flow between task effortlessly. And, when not in use, the HON Huddle Tables are easy to store with options like casters and flip top base. The affordable Hon Huddle Tables help you get the most out of your limited office space.

In the world of the modern office, it can often feel like the Wild Wild West. The only constant is change - changing technology, changing needs from your workers, changing needs for your clients, and constantly shifting priorities for everyone. The modern office needs furniture and office equipment that works just as hard, and is every bit as versatile, as you are. That's where the HON Huddle Collection comes in.

HON made their name in the world of office furniture by designing and producing some of the very best storage and organization solutions ever built. Their filing cabinets, storage cabinets and hutches were and are things of beauty that never lost sight of the vital and basic importance of functionality. Now HON has turned their famous design sense and commitment to excellence to the world of office tables and furniture collections. The Huddle Tables are one of the best examples. Every HON Huddle Table is designed for easy storage and deployment. Easy, and also incredibly fast and efficient. Rolling bases, table tops that can be turned on an axis to flatten them against a wall, and "stackable" design makes these tables easy to use and easier to store when you don't need them.

Any working surface that you could need in your office is provided for by the HON Huddle Tables. Are you looking for a single desk for a new worker or to set someone up on a single task? No problem, just roll out a single table and let them get to work. Do you need to have an emergency conference, brainstorm, or pitch meeting? Take two or three or four of those tables and combine them in a flash to get exactly what you need exactly when you need it.

HON Huddle Tables are the perfect complement to the contemporary office. As multiple and dynamic as you are, they get the job done everytime, no matter what that job happens to be.