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A home is more than just rooms inside of walls. While most people spend a majority of their time inside, the environment outside can add another dimension of comfort and personality to your living space. By adding habitable outdoor areas, you can instantly add usable space to your home and catch up on some vitamin D while you're at it.


Most hang out spots start with seating, so getting some comfy places to rest your tush is a great launching point for rejuvenating your outdoor space. Tommy Bahama makes some of the best looking, most comfortable, and ultra-durable outdoor sofas and chairs that money can buy. If you want to create spaces where you can lounge in the sun, teak furniture like the Barcelona Beach Chair or the bamboo Greenbank Sun Lounger can provide you with hours of relaxation and sun bathing.


What's a day of hanging around outside on a hot summer day without some ice cold lemonade? Even worse, what's the lemonade without somewhere to put it? Leave it on the ground at your own peril, because the ants and flies will surely devour it. The solution is an outdoor table! Whether you want a designer chic round table or full-fledged dining-sized table, we have a large selection of outdoor tables to make sure the creepy crawlies don't poach your eats. We also carry entire patio sets in case you live in a temperate environment and like having family gatherings and dinners outside.


Just like inside your home, accessories make the subtle difference between a neat space and a really awesome space. A fire pit like the Fuoco Large Tabletop Firepit or the Chemine Portable Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace adds instant intrigue to your outdoor gathering space. They also provide warmth in the colder months. Give your green thumb a test drive with a stainless steel planter, or get a bird feeder to bring all the birds to the yard. Accessories help bring everything together.

Now Get Outside Already!

Whether you need some furniture to create a nice eating area in the back yard or a cool lounging area on your porch, Smart Furniture has the outdoor furniture that you need. Give us a call at (888) 467-6278 and let us set you up with a welcoming, relaxing, and beautiful outside space.