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Pablo Designs: Modern Lighting

Pablo Designs

Pablo Designs specializes in manufacturing and designing lighting solutions for the modern world. Their motto, “Do more with less,” shines through in all of the products that they create. With a minimalist aesthetic that is intended to accompany contemporary offices, homes, and businesses, Pablo's collection of artistic lighting solutions will complement and enhance your living and working spaces.


Founded in 1993 by Venezuelan born designer Pablo Pardo, Pablo was establish as a company that would create sculptural lighting fixtures and lamps for contemporary spaces. The company's unique minimalist aesthetic has permeated each design since the original Piccola Lamp was first unveiled in the early 1990s. With a growing assembly of designers, Pablo continues to revolutionize the lighting industry through groundbreaking design, clever materials, and beautiful products.

Lighting with Grace

Pablo's understated yet radical designs differentiate them from the competition. Beginning with the Piccola Table Lamp, Pablo has expanded their product selection to include desk lamps, pendant lamps, and floor lamps. The Pixo Desk Lamp has won multiple design awards for its simplicity, beauty, and functionality. Other products such as the Tube Top Lamp emulate classic designs in a playful and deconstructionist form. The Clamp Lamp mixes the warmth of wood with industrial lines and workstation adjustability to create an item that is unique, functional, modern and compelling.

In Stock and Ready to Ship

Most Pablo lamps are in stock and ready to ship out within three days, so if you're in dire need of upgrading the lighting in your office, home, or restaurant, we'll have it to you lickedy split. Give our sales team a call with any specific product questions that aren't in the Overview section, or if you just want a friendly person to talk to. Do more with less with your new Pablo Lamp.