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6G Keyboard Tray

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Color White
Mouse Platform No Mouse Platform
Palm Support Foam
Keyboard Platform 19 in. x 10.6 in. Standard
Keyboard Track 22 in.

Humanscale products come with free standard shipping for destinations within the contiguous United States.

The 6G Keyboard Tray generally arrives within 1-2 weeks from the date of purchase. For more information, please view Smart Furniture's shipping rates, options, and delivery policies.

6G Keyboard Tray by Humanscale

Humanscale is the industry leader in ergonomic keyboards, and the 6G keyboard system is the result of more than a decade of research and design into what makes a keyboard tray ergonomically sound. Featuring a lightweight, ultra-thin profile, the 6G provides unmatched functionality and utility in the simplest mechanism on the market today.

6G Features:

  • Minimalist Design
    Utilizes 28% less steel than similar keyboard trays formaximum sustainability
  • 0-15 Degree Dial-a-Tilt
    Clearly denotes the angle of the keyboard tray, while preventing users from typing at a positive tilt that could be harmful to the wrists
  • Ultra-Slim Profile
    Superior engineering combines unmatched strength and stability with sleek aesthetics and maximum knee clearance
  • Keyboard Protection
    Raised lip prevents function keys from hitting the work surface when stowing
  • 7" Height Adjustment
    Adjusts dynamically to provide perfect typing comfort for virtually any user and allows the sitter to quickly find their optimal ergonomic position

The 6G forms the centerpiece of the ultimate ergonomic keyboard system solution. Together with a keyboard tray and a mousing platform, the 6G literally brings the work to the user and provides maximum ergonomic comfort while keyboarding.

By allowing the user to sit back in the chair and encouraging a healthy typing posture, the 6G helps reduce the risks of musculoskeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, and upper and lower back pain.

The ideal mechanism for both single- and multiple-user workstations, the 6G keyboard tray offers convenient, user-friendly adjustability that repositions with just a simple hand movement-free from knobs, locks and levers. The easy dial-a-tilt feature allows users to note the angle at which they key most comfortably, and a seven-inch height range allows for customized height adjustment.

Additionally, the 6G clears valuable space on the work surface that would otherwise be occupied by the keyboard. And when it's not in use, the entire system slides easily under the desk for convenient stowing, well above the user's knees.

Clip Mouse Platform
An extremely flexible platform, the High Clip swivels left and right and up and down to let you find the optimal position for your mouse hand. The High Clip Platform also allows you to position your mouse over your numeric keys. This allows users who rarely use the numeric keys on their keyboard to position their mouse closer to the keyboard.
Humanscale High Clip Mouse Platform
High Clip Mouse Platform (optional)

Materials & Measurements

Powder-coated steel

Standard keyboard platform: 19" w x 10.625" d
Compact keyboard platform: 19" w x 8.4" d
Keyboard platform height: 7" adjustable
Mouse platform: 10" diameter
Track length: 21.6" standard , 18", or 11" (other track length options are available upon request)
Keyboard Platform Standard
Keyboard Platform Compact

Environmental Information

The 6G Keyboard Tray is the most sustainable, environmentally friendly keyboard mechanism of its kind. Its sleek new design uses fewer raw materials and manufacturing processes, which minimizes the environmental impact of extraction, processing, shipping, packing materials and disposal. The 6G is made of 30 percent recycled and 99 percent recyclable content.

About The Manufacturer

HumanscaleHumanscale's focus since its inception in 1982 has been providing outstanding ergonomic accessories and keyboard trays for the home and the office. Their products, which range from task chairs to keyboard trays to CPU holders, are all geared towards making life simpler, easier, and healthier for anyone who works at a desk. Widely recognized for their line of office seating, Humanscale has done much to advance design in some newer product areas- namely in computer and office accessories such as monitor arms, foot machines, and the ergonomic computer mouse. Winner of numerous design awards, Humanscale continues to deliver groundbreaking office tools that combine simplicity, aesthetics, and ergonomics.

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Shipping & Delivery

Humanscale products come with free standard shipping for destinations within the contiguous United States.

The 6G Keyboard Tray generally arrives within 1-2 weeks from the date of purchase. For more information, please view Smart Furniture's shipping rates, options, and delivery policies.
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Product Q&A

Q: Does this come with a mouse platform?
A: Yes, a 10" diameter High Clip Mouse Platform is included with your purchase.

Q: When I select black or white, what parts of the keyboard tray does this include?
A: The arm mechanism, the keyboard platform, and the mouse platform. The palm support and the optional mouse pads are available in black or silver grey.

Q: How does this attach to my desk?
A: Humanscale keyboard trays utilize a convenient tape to fix the keyboard track under your desk before securing it to your desk with screws. For detailed instructions, please the Installation Instructions section.

Q: Are there any desk features that are incompatible with this keyboard tray?
A: There are a few things that could prevent the keyboard tray from securing properly to your desk. For instance, if you have a pull-out pencil drawer in the front of your desk or structural components protruding from the underside of your desk, they would interfere with the keyboard tray. Keyboard trays are designed for use with flat surfaces that are void of obstructions. Also, you should make sure the front of your desk is wide enough for the keyboard platform (the smallest available keyboard tray is 19" wide). For example, if you have file cabinets on the side of your desk, check to make sure that the opening for your legs is wide enough to accommodate a keyboard tray.

Q: Which size keyboard track should I get?
A: Basically, you want to make sure your desk is deep enough to fit the track with some room to spare. If your desk is at least 24" deep, we recommend the standard 21.6" long track. If your desk is less than 24" deep, you may want to get one of the shorter tracks.
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Humanscale keyboard trays come with a 15-year warranty.
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