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Air-Chair, Set of 4
Item #: MGA00

Air-Chair, Set of 4



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Air-Chair, Set of 4
by Magis
designed by Jasper Morrison

Made using a groundbreaking air-molding process that creates completely smooth legs with no ribs or instability, the Air-Chair is a sturdy, stackable plastic chair that is suitable for either outdoor or indoor use. The air-molding process creates small pockets of air along the inside of the legs and within the back and seat, allowing for greater strength and durability than if the legs were fully hollow.

Pair with the Air-Table or Folding Air-Chair

Air-Chair Features:

  • 30.51" h x 19.29" w x 20.07" d
  • Air-Chair is stackable
  • Choose between armless or armchair versions
  • Suitable for outdoor or indoor use
  • Two neutral-tone color choices plus a rich orange allow the chair to easily enhance your decor
  • Air-molded polypropylene is sturdy and lightweight


Air-molded plastic

30.51" h x 19.29" w x 20.07" d


MagisMagis is an Italian furniture company that puts a high emphasis on design and technological innovation. Its products often find themselves on the cutting edge of both design and structural composition - many times almost as a byproduct of the designer's standards of what is good and necessary in a useful chair or table. Magis seeks to create items that can be used in any room of the home (indoors or outdoors) and add beauty anywhere. Founded in 1976 and continuing to operate as a factory-free organization, Magis uses local contractors and outsources its manufacturing to create greater flexibility in the design process.


Jasper MorrisonBorn in England, Jasper Morrison was raised in both Germany and the United States before his family moved to London, where he attended Kingston College of Art and the Royal College of Art. During school, Morrison was influenced by the work of the Memphis designers out of Milan because of their conceptual approach to design. His early work caught the attention of critics, and he was asked to speak at a design conference in Milan. Instead, he staged a slide show of juxtaposed images. This became the basis of the book "A World Without Words" and in turn piqued the interest of top executives in the furniture industry.

Since then, what has happened to Morrison's career seems as inevitable as his designs. His austerely elegant creations, such as the Air-Chair and Air-Table, have been elevated to cult status in Germany. At the early age of 40, he is already a mature designer with a style of his own.


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Package Size:
Air-Chair with no arms: 20.47" x 27.56" x 35.04"
Air-Chair with arms: 21.65" x 26.38" x 32.68"

Package Weight:
No arms: 46.42 lbs
With arms: 40.7 lbs

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The Magis Air-Chair comes with a 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty.