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Picture of Avion Noir II Media Center
  • Picture of Avion Noir II Media Center
  • Picture of Avion Noir II Media Center
  • Picture of Avion Noir II Media Center

Avion Noir II Media Center

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Optional TV Mount
This BDI TV Stand can be fitted with the "Arena" Flat Panel TV Mount. This device secures firmly to the back of your BDI TV stand and allows the TV to easily swivel left and right. Cables are concealed within the steel column so everything stays looking pretty. A number of heights can be set during installation.

You can purchase the Arean Mount separately if you decide you want it later. Click here to check it out.

BDI Arena TV Mount
Item #: 8937
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Avion Noir II Media Center
designed by BDI Studio

Avion Noir II TV Stand At A Glance:
Shown above with the optional Arena TV Mount (see below).

Avion Noir II is complete with all of the features you would expect from a cabinet bearing the Avion name. Grey tinted glass doors span the front of the cabinet to conceal and protect a complete home theater system while allowing remote-control access. The top center drawer's glass panel can be replaced with the supplied fabric insert, enabling use with a center channel speaker.

Recommended for up to 73" flatscreen televisions.

See the entire BDI Avion Collection.

What's To Like:
BDI packs so many great features into the Avion Noir that it's hard to know where to start. The cabinet is supremely well-ventilated, has a great cable-management system to clean up the mess, and infrared glass door panels let you keep your expensive consoles hidden away yet still usable. Oh, and you know how hard it is to move heavy entertainment centers? The Avion Noir II's a snap to move away from the wall with built-in, hidden wheels that don't detract from the look.

What's Not to Like:
It may not be possible to dislike any of the functionality of this media console. That leaves its price, which isn't cheap. But, while the price is high, it's certainly no higher than it should be for a well-designed entertainment center with so many features.

The Bottom Line:
Avion II is the perfect example of what engineers and home theater aficionados talk about around the water cooler. It's BDI's premier enclosed cabinet system - the culmination of years of studying the most demanding home theater systems. The keys to Avion II? It's beautiful, it's roomy, it has a place for everything. And, most importantly, it has a multitude of features built in. The BDI Avion Noir II 8937 TV stand is an open and shut case of media console superiority.


  • Roomy dimensions
    Overall: 22.5" h x 65" w x 22" d 
  • Concealed speaker compartment
    Features a multi-function drawer or compartment with a fabric insert for use with concealed speakers
  • Hidden wheels
    Allow the entire system to be rolled away to access cables and connections
  • Cable management
    Integrated wire management features conceal wires for a clean appearance
  • Integrated levelers
    Leg assembly features easily adjustable levelers to accommodate uneven floors
  • Adjustable shelves
    Make it easy to accommodate consoles of different sizes
  • Flow through ventilation
    Shelves and cabinets feature ventilating slots to help keep media console units cool (and prolong their life)
  • Tempered, IR glass
    BDI glass door panels are virtually shatterproof, and they are compatible with the IR (Infrared) signals used by many remote controls, meaning your media consoles can stay hidden and still be fully functional
  • Removable back panel
    Makes it easy to adjust cords in the back of your Avion. Back panel can also be left off to accommodate larger consoles
TV Mount Option
This BDI entertainment center accommodates the optional Arena TV Mount. With simple hardware, the Arena TV Mount securely fastens your flatscreen TV to your entertainment center. Arena is the perfect alternative to wall mounting your television and features a swiveling mounting bracket.

BDI Arena TV Mount Flatscreen TV Mount

The BDI Avion Noir II TV Stand is also known by the following manufacturer Item Number: 8937.

Materials & Measurements

Natural wood veneer with satin stainless steel base. Cabinet fronts contain IR friendly tempered glass.

Overall: 22.5" h x 65" w x 22" d
Drawer shelf (A): 8.25" h x 25" w x 16.5" d
Interior shelf (B): 16" h x 18.5" w x 20.5" d
Interior shelf (C): 7.25" h x 25" w x 16.5" d
Weight: 167 pounds

Weight capacity:
Top shelf: 200 pounds
Shelf A: 40 pounds
Shelf B (top): 50 pounds
Shelf B (bottom): 75 pounds
Shelf C: 75 pounds
BDI 8937 Dimensions

Assembly Instructions

View BDI Avion Noir assembly instructions.

Viewing assembly instructions requires Adobe Reader. Download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

About the Manufacturer

BDIBecker Designed Inc. was founded in 1984 by Bill Becker with the goal of making top-notch modern furniture design accessible to the public. Today, BDI is best know for its home entertainment systems, but it has also applied its vision and craftsmanship in its lines of tables, shelving, and mirrors. BDI is located in Chantilly, Virginia.

Design Story

The Noir II Media Center is a classic looking piece. It's sleek, smooth, and perfect for a moden apartment or home. The black body of the piece is complimented by gray tinted glass that's practically shatterproof. Your electronics will be safe, and it has many of the same great features that make a BDI media center a BDI media center.

Shipping & Delivery

All BDI products ship within 2-3 business days from the time of purchase. Expect shipping to take around 5 business days.

The BDI Avion Noir II ships for a $150 flat-rate fee to destinations within the contiguous United States.

Package weight: 185 lbs.
Package size: 68" l x 25" w x 21" h

Inside Delivery Upgrade
Because this item is large and heavy and because we love our customers, we have decided to upgrade shipping from curbside to inside delivery at no extra cost to you. When your order reaches the local station in your area, the delivery agent will call to schedule a four hour delivery appointment. The driver will carefully bring the item inside the first room of your home or office so that you do not have to!

Product Q&A

What sized TVs can I use with the Avion Noir?
This BDI model fits up to a 60" flat panel or rear projection TV

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BDI home theater furniture is warranted for 3 years from the date of purchase.