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Picture of BDI Sequel Desk
  • Picture of BDI Sequel Desk
  • Picture of BDI Sequel Desk
  • Picture of BDI Sequel Desk
  • Picture of BDI Sequel Desk
  • Picture of BDI Sequel Desk
  • Picture of BDI Sequel Desk
  • Picture of BDI Sequel Desk
  • Picture of BDI Sequel Desk
  • Picture of BDI Sequel Desk
  • Picture of BDI Sequel Desk
  • Picture of BDI Sequel Desk

BDI Sequel Desk

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Item #: 6001
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Sequel Desk by BDI
designed by Matthew Weatherly

At A Glance:
BDI Sequel DeskIdeally, a sequel takes the familiar parts of the original and re-imagines them, puts them into a new context, and fashions an equally original work. This desk does just that. The look of the desk is that of an overturned table; the plane of the desk rests on two extended legs and the other two serve as the base of the desk. Nifty. Within the desk is a hidden keyboard, and lots of other organizational goodies.

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What's To Like:
This is a clever little number. The hidden keyboard is cool, but perhaps even cooler is a hidden cord organizer, between the two panels of the "privacy screen" you can attach to the front of the desk. No more messy, disorganized cables for your phone, your iPod and your laptop! The design is pretty neat too, with the overturned table theme making the product younger, cooler, and more interesting.

What's Not to Like:
The plane of the desk isn't very deep. If you like keeping your computer screen in the center of the desk, it's going to be hard to find enough space to keep papers and other desktop objects. BDI does offer a return to offer more space. For some, a hidden keyboard isn't a plus (I'm looking at you laptop folks).

The Bottom Line:
Sequel is a cool looking desk with lots of unique functionality and a fresh aesthetic. And it's from BDI, a company with a well-deserved reputation for quality.

The modern, sleek profile of the Sequel Desk is engineered for ergonomic comfort and conducive to productivity. This BDI desk features a black neoprene lining on its hidden keyboard which acts as a keyboard stabilizer and mouse pad. The rear section of this keyboard drawer is a perfect cubby for charging electrical gadgets like cell phones and MP3 players. The user's side of the desk's modesty panel acts as a cable and cord-stowing mechanism - it easily detaches from the desk when you need to plug or unplug something.


Multifunctional Desk Drawer
The Sequel Desk features a recharging area in the back of the drawer. This drawer has wire retention slots to hold the cords of your rechargeable devices in place when the device is removed. There, these normally cluttered cords and cables remain hidden until your various electronic devices need recharging.
Sequel Office Desk Drawer
Internal Power Strip Housing
No more unsightly, tangled power strip on the floor. With 4 extra-strength magnets and adhesive padding, the BDI Sequel Desk holds any power strip fast to its internal steel structure. This unique system keeps power strips out of sight, but easily within reach should you need to change your power cords at a moment's notice.
Sequel Desk Power Strip Placement
Integrated Cord Management
Simple tilt-down panels built into the desk hide all cables and cords. If the desk is placed against a wall, the Sequel's back panel can be removed to reach wall outlets.
Sequel Desk Panels
Micro-Etched Glass Surface
Textured glass top provides a clean, smooth writing surface. Tempered glass can be cleaned with a simple glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth or with a "Magic Eraser" (ask for it your local drug store).
Sequel Desk Glass Top

The Sequel Desk is 25.5" deep. The front section for the keyboard is 8" from front to back and the lip is 2" high. The back section is 7.5" from front to back and the lip is 4" high.

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Materials & Measurements

BDI Sequel 6001 DimensionsMaterials:
Natural wood veneer with satin stainless steel base. Cabinet fronts contain IR friendly tempered glass.

Overall: 29" h x 60" w x 24" d
Desk surface weight capacity: 75 pounds
Weight: 146 pounds

Assembly Instructions

View BDI 6001 assembly instructions.

Viewing assembly instructions requires Adobe Reader. Click here to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

About the Manufacturer

BDI Furniture LogoBecker Designed Inc. was founded in 1984 by Bill Becker with the goal of making top-notch modern furniture design accessible to the public. Today, BDI is best know for its home entertainment systems, but it has also applied its vision and craftsmanship in its lines of tables, shelving, and mirrors. BDI is located in Chantilly, Virginia.


Matthew WeatherlyMatthew Weatherly
Heavily influenced by Danish modern style, Matthew studied Scandinavian design, architecture, and woodworking at Denmark's Design School and holds a degree in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute. Inspired by his love of Nature, Matthew's designs have become known for merging maximum functionality with minimal materials, always striving to do more with less.


The BDI Sequel Desk 6001 is the perfect combination of fashion and function. Designer Matthew Weatherly created this contemporary styled desk to provide a sleek upgrade to traditional office furniture. It features an easy open/close-system drawer that allows your keyboard, mouse and rechargeable items to appear when you need them or hide when you don't The desk comes with magnetically-attached front and back panels that can be easily removed. This feature lets you hide unsightly wires and allows for easy access when your system set up needs to be adjusted. The back panel of the desk can remain unattached when a room layout calls for a desk to be positioned against a wall.

The BDI Sequel Desk 6001 fits perfectly into any designed space. When used as part of the layout in an office environment, the desk helps to send a message of sophistication and style to visitors. When customers and clients arrive at your office for meetings, they'll be instantly impressed. When your company is recruiting new staff and giving potential new hires a tour of your space, the desk will show them your company is a place that recognizes quality and tries to provide the best working situations for their employees.

Not to be seen as a desk fit solely for the corporate office life, the BDI Sequel Desk 6001 can match up seamlessly with your vision for your home office. Create the perfect office environment with the perfect desk that lets you hide all of the unsightly cords and wires from your guests. Or incorporate the desk to become a part of a bedroom layout. Make it a contributing part of the success of the student living at your home. The quality construction and always in fashion style make this a desk that will be the silent partner for years of research papers and late nights studying for big exams.

The BDI Sequel 6001 is available in a natural stained cherry, rich walnut and engaging espresso stained oak colors. With an easily movable weight of 146 lbs. and the capacity to hold up to 75 lbs., this desk can be easily moved as spaces are redesigned throughout the years. With an enduring design that will never go out of style, this desk is not so much a purchase, as it is an investment. Invest in your future and order this desk today.

Size: 29 inches in height, 60 inches in width and 24 inches deep

Shipping & Delivery

All BDI products ship within 48-72 hours from the time of purchase.

The BDI Sequel Desk ships for a $100 flat-rate fee to destinations within the contiguous United States.

Package weight: 146 lbs.
Package size: 65" l x 31" w x 11" h

For additional information, please see our shipping and delivery policies page.


BDI Sequel office furniture is warranted for 3 years from the date of purchase.