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Building Out the Bivi Tables

The beauty of the Bivi Tables is that they can be extended and shortened at your whim. With just a few simple components, any small business can build as many desks, workstations, conference tables and collaborative environments as they want. High quality attachments, like storage units and power strips, make the desks as customizable as they are sturdy and beautiful. In the end, businesses get exactly the furniture they need, and the flexibility to change and modify it as their needs change over time. This article will show how easy it is to create scalable furniture solutions with Bivi Tables.

Creating One Desk

The elemental Bivi Table has just four components. The first is the base, or the two legs of the desk. The legs are shaped like a crooked, upside-down block "U." They are grooved and fitted on both sides, which is what makes expansion and customization possible. Nearly every feature on a Bivi Table or workstation is dependent on, which is to say attached to, the legs.

The second component is the table top, or desk top, and the third is the electrical trough. The electrical trough is an ingenious little addition that makes life at the desk a lot easier. Within it the user can organize and manage their electronic cables and power supply, as well as their gadgets, phones, and anything else electronic they need to keep out of their way.

Building a single desk is a snap. The only items that need assembly are the legs. Once you've built them (10 minutes tops), you merely set the legs up, connected by the electrical trough, and attach the table top once that's been put together. If you've ordered Integrated Power, that goes in next. Then you plug in your computer and hit the ground running. Building your solid, modular desk should take no longer than fifteen minutes (unless you're faster than we are); right out of the box, it's going to make your life easier.

Beyond the Single Table

Here's where things really get interesting, and where the furniture proves its worth as being able to grow with you and meet your needs exactly. You're growing, adding employees one at a time (or four at a time if your company's eating its Wheaties). The simplicity of the Bivi Table and the clever design of the legs makes creating two, three, four, six, and even eight top tables, workstations and conferencing centers easy and fun.

A two person desk can be built in a few different ways. The simplest is probably the face-to-face design, where a shared electrical trough and two desk tops combine on top of a single pair of legs. You could finish this design off with a Bivi Trunk that attaches to either end, or a few of Bivi's other storage accessories.

Or, you can set up both the tabletops in a row, with users facing the same direction or opposite directions, as you'd like. Two troughs, two tops and three pairs of legs are used to create this desk arrangement. The same great attachments can be added on to this, and to any, formation.

Building bigger and bigger table formations works the same way. All you need to do is get a good idea of what you want and then order the appropriate number of components. Just remember: one leg for each additional worksurface (two if you're building a face-to-face unit) you want to add to an already existing Bivi Table. You don't have to worry about not ordering enough or too much, because the components are simple and unchanging - they grow with you, and they're easy to replace and add onto.

A popular four person desk design is a double face-to-face; two face-to-face formations attach side to side to form a large group workstation. Storage units and even desk-extending "half rounds" can be attached to the ends so that your station reflects your needs, and your people. A six-top design could work the same way, or be a very long side to side-to-side creation. It's all up to you, the small business owner.

For years, growing small businesses have needed furniture that answers their needs. Furniture that can grow with them, that can move and change, that can be personal as well as universal. The wait is over. The Bivi desking system by Turnstone from Steelcase is here to shake things up. Order yours today.