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Blu Dot Chicago 8 Box

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Color Graphite on Oak

Chicago 8 Box
by Blu Dot

Chicago 8 Box At A Glance:
The Blu Dot Chicago 8 Box makes use of negative space in unexpected ways and brings style and structure to your home. Named the "8 Box" for the eight wooden boxed shelves that are connected by tubular legs, this Blu Dot piece creates extra room in between each box that can be used for storing or displaying items. At the same time, the simple poles that support the whole structure are stylish and economical. More with less, at every turn, and beautiful to look at in the bargain.

The Chicago 8 Box was one of the earliest pieces designed by Blu Dot, and it certainly has staying power. The fact that this shelving unit is functional and versatile makes it an excellent storage choice for your room. The neutral finishes of the wood blend well with any color scheme, allowing you to shift this piece around your home or office when necessary.

What's To Like:
Sometimes, good design is about what's not there. The Chicago series takes advantage of negative space, creating both smart and elegant storage for your living room or den. This is a gorgeous looking storage and organization structure. The possibilities are endless. You could store shoes in the lowest center space, books and DVDs within the boxes themselves, records, flowers, pictures or trophies in the other open spaces. At the top you could store boxes or display art. The choices are all yours, and that's the greatest gift of this shelf. What's really cool is that if you're going to use it as a room divider you can face each box forward or backward.

What's Not to Like:
This is for big jobs only. If you're only looking for a quick storage or shelving solution that solves a small problem, there are plenty of stylish and smaller shelving models available. Check out the Chicago 3 Box.

The Bottom Line:
This is one of the rare shelves that don't just help to organize and display your life; it can become the focal point of an entire room. The 8 Box adds interest where other shelving units fall short. Available in maple, graphite-on-oak and cherry.


  • Overall dimensions: 74.5" h x 94" w x 12" d
  • Internal shelf height: 12.5"
  • Height between shelves: 15"
  • Wood veneer over MDF boxes
  • Powder-coated tubular steel legs
  • Glides protect your floor

Materials & Measurements

Graphite on oak, maple, or cherry veneer shelves.
Frame is made of tubular steel legs, powder-coated in silver.

Overall: 74.5" h x 94" w x 12" d
Shelf units: 12.5" h x 27.5" w x 12" d
Blu Dot Chicago 8 Box Dimensions

About The Manufacturer

Blu Dot is a design firm that makes modern furnitureBlu Dot was founded in 1997 by John Christakos, Charles Lazor, and Maurice Blanks, three college friends who wanted to bring modern design and quality furnishing to everyone. Based in Minneapolis, Blu Dot does just that today- designing tables, chairs, sofas, and a variety of home accessories. Blu Dot furniture has a distinct feel and appearance with its personality and flair.

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The Blu Dot Chicago series has garnered press and recognition world-wide. One of the most recognizable pieces in the Chicago series is a versatile shelving unit, the Chicago 8 Box. This Blu Dot Chicago piece is a smart shelving unit that provides multiple storage options in a stylish way. Named for the eight boxes that are joined together to form a shelving wall, the Chicago 8 Box is an ingenious design by Blu Dot.

Blu Dot designers created the shelving unit in a way so that every aspect of the wall could essentially be used for storage or as display space. The negative space created between the eight boxes can serve both a purpose and function if desired. This unit serves as a great solution for those looking for a contemporary piece of furniture that will help with organization and storage. If you are looking for a shelving unit that is stylish, affordable, and functional, the Chicago 8 Box is worth your consideration. Customers of this product have found a home for their shelving unit in bedrooms, offices, living rooms, and libraries.

The wide variety of locations in the home or office where this unit can be placed demonstrates how versatile and adaptable the 8 Box truly is. While many 8 Box owners place their unit against a wall, some customers have found the Blu Dot Chicago 8 Box serves as a great space divider in a larger room. With an 8 Box shelving unit, the options are endless.

Blu Dot designer and co-founder, John Christakos, is a big fan of the company's shelving unit. While he acknowledged it's hard to pick just one favorite Blu Dot product, he explained during a 2007 interview that the Blu Dot Chicago 8 Box was probably his favorite piece the company had ever designed. Christakos recognized that his feelings could be partly sentimental. After all, the 8 Box was one of the first designs Blu Dot created. However, he predicted that this piece could be one of the company's most enduring designs over time, speaking to the longevity of the product itself.

The eight-sectioned shelving piece is available in four different colored woods: cherry, white oak, graphite on oak or maple veneer. Regardless of the color chosen, all of these Blu Dot shelving units come with tubular steel legs, which are sturdy, durable and thin. When assembling the 8 Box shelving unit, Blu Dot recommends using the buddy system and having another person available to help with the set up.

Using a cam lock hardware system, the Blu Dot Chicago 8 Box can be assembled easily, thanks to the clear assembly instructions available on our website. Once assembled, the unit will stand 74.5 inches high and 94 inches wide, while the shelves are 12 inches deep. This Blu Dot shelving unit comes with a one-year warranty, the standard warranty given to all Blu Dot furniture. Blu Dot strives to make durable, long-lasting products that fit well in contemporary spaces, and they certainly have succeeded with the 8 Box.

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Product Q&A

Q: Are the shelves finished on the back side?
A: Yes, the 8 box shelves are completely finished on all sides

Q: Can some of the boxes face the back, providing storage on both sides?
A: Yes!

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Blu Dot furniture comes with a 1-year warranty.
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