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Blu Dot Woodrow Bed

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Finish Walnut
Size Twin

Woodrow Bed
by Blu Dot

Woodrow Bed At A Glance:
Grace meets strength in the Woodrow Bed from Blu Dot. The walnut and walnut veneer frame provide a sturdy structure while the elegant lines are sure to add a designer's touch to any bedroom. Combining solid walnut with walnut veneer, the Woodrow Bed gives mid-century a new spin with chevron-shaped headboard and footboard mirroring each other.

Woodrow is available in twin, full, queen, and king size versions.

What's To Like:
Walnut is such a rich wood - and we're really happy with the way it's used to full effect in the Woodrow Bed. Substance enhances style enhances substance.

What's Not to Like:
The headboard might not be as sturdy as some (we're guessing here because we couldn't find anything else to pick on), so use caution when leaning back on it if you sit up in bed frequently. That's all.

The Bottom Line:
The Woodrow Bed by Blu Dot is a gorgeously appointed walnut platform bed with just the right kind of style - the kind that makes you sit up and take notice.


  • Twin bed dimensions: 35.5" h x 44" w x 84" l
  • Full bed dimensions: 35.5" h x 59" w x 84" l
  • Queen bed dimensions: 35.5" h x 65" w x 89" l
  • King bed dimensions: 35.5" h x 81" w x 89" l
  • Combination of solid walnut and walnut veneer make up the entire bed frame
  • Wood slats included

Materials & Measurements

Solid walnut and walnut veneer combination
Wooden slats support bed

twin: 44"W x 84"L x 35.5"H
full: 59"W x 84"L x 35.5"H
queen: 65"W x 89"L x 35.5"H
king: 81"W x 89"L x 35.5"H

About The Manufacturer

Blu Dot FurnitureBlu Dot was founded in 1997 by John Christakos, Charles Lazor, and Maurice Blanks, three college friends who wanted to bring modern design and quality furnishing to everyone. Based in Minneapolis, Blu Dot does just that today- designing tables, chairs, sofas, and a variety of home accessories. Blu Dot furniture has a distinct feel and appearance- its products achieve a definite flair despite a minimalist appearance.

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Design Story

The Woodrow Bed from Blu Dot is one of our finest and most elegant bed frames. Made with rich, deep walnut and cut with a sure, sophisticated designers hand, the bed frame makes a real statement in any bedroom. Blu Dot has always been celebrated for their unique designs and fun sense of stylization - this bed frame is no exception to that delightful rule.

While the wood is deep and rich, the overall look of the bed isn't heavy or old-world. This is a beautiful, light work of design that has the bed floating over the floor, supported by cleverly designed head and footboards. Both are angled away from the bed box, creating two very shallow V shapes. The top and bottom of the headboard have open space carved into the outer edge, and the bottom of the footboard does as well. It's this design feature that gives the light, floating effect. The bed is fairly low to the ground, giving it a sleek, eastern feel that complements the rest of the design perfectly. Simple but sophisticated, lovely but practical, this is a perfect piece for the contemporary bedroom set.

The Woodrow Bed is available in several standard sizes, each designed to fit your needs (or those of your children). Choose from Twin, Full, Queen and King - each is just as lovely as the last, and each will add a real sense of beauty and design to your bedroom. Blu Dot is in the business of creating elegant furniture solutions that forge contemporary taste and never sacrifice traditional comfort and practical needs. The Woodrow Bed is one more brilliant entry in their large catalogue of great furniture. It can function as a design centerpiece or simple complement - it's that versatile and that accomplished.

Delivery & Assembly

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Moderate - Follow Instructions Closely

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The Blu Dot Woodrow Bed comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.
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