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Campfire Shanty
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Campfire Shanty



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Campfire Shanty
by Turnstone

At A Glance:
Like a lean-to in the woods, the Shanty from the Campfire Collection provides an out-of-the way resting place. Used as a lounge area, set up as a reception area or even a one-on-one meeting space, the Campfire Shanty gives a sheltered place to sit and talk or just wait. The best thing is that it's super-portable and can be easily reconfigured to suit your needs and provide just the right amount of privacy.

What's To Like:
Even in busy environments, Shanty provides an element of privacy, with three Campfire Screens surrounding the Big Lounge and Paper Table. You'll be able to focus better, work more effectively.

What's Not to Like:
As small spaces go, Shanty runs on the expensive side - you can probably get a couch and some moveable screens for a lot less. But as a solid, attractive, well-designed space goes, it's priced about right with Turnstone quality.

The Bottom Line:
Campfire Shanty is an easily adaptable, mobile private work area - ideal for open floor plans and larger areas.

Shanty is part of the Campfire Collection by Turnstone.

Shanty includes the following pieces from the Campfire Collection:

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The Campfire Shanty is also known by the following manufacturer item numbers: TS4TSCRNR, TS4TSCRNL, TS3BC, TSTPTX.


Campfire Paper TableLow-pressure laminate base, plastic tabletop frame, and paper or glass tabletop. Glides on base to protect flooring.Overall: 23.5" h x 18" diameter (tabletop)
Campfire ScreenSteel frame, polyester mesh fabric.Overall: 54" h x 36" w (back) x 34" d (side)
Weight: 35.4 lbs.
Campfire Big LoungeWood frame, plastic feet, foam padding and Cogentâ„¢ Connect and Traxx polyester fabric.Overall: 29" h x 66" w x 32" d


Turnstone Office Furniture
Turnstone creates innovative office furniture for companies and small businesses that seek a different look for their office. Combining a modern aesthetic with ultra-modern ergonomics, assembly, and engineering, Turnstone has created some of the most innovative office furniture in the last decade. With a range of seating including work chairs, stools, and occasional chairs, they certainly have something for you to sit on. Turnstone also has a small collection of task lighting and desk accessories to make your work surface as organized and productive as possible.

Additionally, they have introduced a couple of outstanding office collections: Bivi and Campfire. Bivi is a modular desking system that allows you to add to your Bivi Desk as the office grows and changes. Campfire is a collection of tables and seating with an informal look. The entire Turnstone Office is available at


The story of Campfire, designed by Kirt Martin & Tim Stoepker

Take your favorite place to work ... Campfire is informal furniture inspired by familiar indoor and outdoor spaces. Those places that small emerging companies think about when it comes to their idea work environments. Inspired by peoples' everyday life, Campfire has been designed to take elements that work at life and make them life at work.

It is inspired by the needs of small emerging companies. Their totally informal work style and their vital need for community led us to create a series of user-centered elements that create work islands helping those companies generate ideas, energy and community.


The Campfire Shanty is eligible for free shipping within the contiguous United States. As there are multiple pieces used in Shanty, please call us at 888-467-6278 for available delivery options.


The Campfire Shanty is covered under Turnstone's limited warranty. For more in-depth information, please visit Turnstone's warranty page.


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