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Cinto Chair
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Cinto Chair



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Cinto Stacking Chair, 4-Leg Base by Humanscale

Cinto shatters the number one drawback that plagues most stacking chairs-it's comfortable.

Cinto Stacking Chairs

Crafted by the Humanscale Design Studio, the Cinto Chair has a host of ergonomic seating features that make it stand out in the world of stacking chairs.

  • Floating Backrest Technology
    The word "Cinto" is actually Spanish for "belt". A prominent feature of this chair is the floating backrest, which viewed from the back, resembles a belt. This ergonomic lumbar support flexes and adjusts to the movements of the sitter and requires no adjustments
  • Stress-Relief Cross-Slits
    The seat pan of the Cinto Chair is divided into two regions positioned around the sitting bones. A close look at the seat pan reveals symetric cross-slits cut into the dozens of vents spread across the seat and back. The innovative slits give under the weight of the sitter and reduce pressure across the entire seat pan.
  • Unmatched Stacking Convenience
    With a built-in handle, moving and stowing the Cinto Chair is a breeze. Up to six Cinto Chairs can be stacked at any given time, and up to 15 chairs can be stacked with the optional Cinto Dolly.

*The Cinto Chair belt comes in two colors- black for black Cinto Chairs and grey for all other colors.


Cinto Chair Dimensions Materials:
Steel and polypropylene with an elastomer belt

Overall: 35" h x 24.15" w x 17.5" d
Arm height: 25.5"
Seat height: 16.5"
Seat width: 17.5"


The Cinto Chair is 100 percent recyclable and and is Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified.


HumanscaleHumanscale's focus since its inception in 1982 has been providing outstanding ergonomic seating and accessories for the home and the office. Their products, which range from task chairs to keyboard trays to CPU holders, are all geared towards making life simpler, easier, and healthier for anyone who works at a desk. Widely recognized for their line of office seating, Humanscale has done much to advance design in some newer product areas- namely in computer and office accessories such as monitor arms, foot machines, and the ergonomic computer mouse. Winner of numerous design awards, Humanscale continues to deliver groundbreaking office tools that combine simplicity, aesthetics, and ergonomics.


Humanscale products come with free standard shipping for destinations within the contiguous United States.

The following Cinto Chair colors below are usually delivered within 7 business days:

  • Black
  • Light Grey
  • Grey
  • Taupe
  • Blue

The following Cinto Chair colors will be available in the Summer of 2011:

  • Yellow
  • Light Blue
  • Green
  • White
  • Red

Please call us at 888-467-6278 for the most up-to-date information and availability.

Product Q&A

Q: How many chairs can stack?
Without the stacking dolly, you can stack 6 Cinto Chairs. With the stacking dolly, you can stack 15 Cinto Chairs.

Q: How much does it weigh?
The armless version of the Cinto Chair weighs 12 pounds, and the armchair version weighs 13 pounds.

Q: Where can I find the stacking dolly?
A: Right here.


The Cinto Chair comes with a 15-year warranty.

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