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Flask Table Lamp



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Flask Table Lamp
by Blu Dot

Flask Table Lamp At A Glance:
Formal, mature, and with perfect manners, the Flask Table Lamp is happy to be an understated feature of your home that only attracts attention because of its refinement. Available in all black with a brass pull, or ash with white accents and a neutral shade. Both colors have a gray cloth-covered cord.

What's To Like:
Balanced with more visual weight at the top, Flask's effect is to draw attention to the light streaming from it. Elegant light. Sort of like the girl with the purple tights over there. Yeah, we don't know either.

What's Not to Like:
Maybe it's got a smaller base than you want. That's legit. If you don't like the Flask Lamp's base, check out the Rook Table Lamp. It's got a more substantial base.

The Bottom Line:
Blu Dot's Flask Table Lamp really is a go-anywhere lamp. You'll be able to set it in place with the assurance that it looks like it's always been there and is happy to remain.


  • Overall dimensions: 24.6" h x 17.5" diameter
  • Solid painted ash base
  • Linen shade
  • Powder-coated steel neck (black/black or white/ash)
  • Pull in brass (black) or powder-coated steel (ash)
  • 80" cloth-covered gray cord set included
  • Maximum wattage: 100 watt incandescent or 23 watt CFL bulb


Linen lampshade, painted ash base, metal pull and powder-coated steel neck

24.6" h x 17.5" diameter


Blu Dot FurnitureBlu Dot was founded in 1997 by John Christakos, Charles Lazor, and Maurice Blanks, three college friends who wanted to bring modern design and quality furnishing to everyone. Based in Minneapolis, Blu Dot does just that today- designing tables, chairs, sofas, and a variety of home accessories. Blu Dot furniture has a distinct feel and appearance- its products achieve a definite flair despite a minimalist appearance.


The Flask Table Lamp is an elegant work of art from the offices of Blu Dot. A smooth, polished base narrows into a stem that reaches up into a wide, cylindrical lamp shade. Each element features clean lines, a modern look, and subtle materials. Renowned for their modern, contemporary designs that bring a new sense of style to familiar objects and pieces of furniture, Blu Dot is an industry leader. With the Flask Table Lamp they've subtly re-invented one more necessary piece of furniture, an inverted traditional lamp design, in an eye-pleasing way.

The Flask Table Lamp is different from most modern lamps because the focus is much less on the base than on the lampshade - the source of the light itself. Rather than spending their time bringing focus to the basically non-functional side of the lamp, Blu Dot has made the choice to go simple on the bottom and elegant (and large) on the top. Of course, that's not to say that the base is without its own charms - the simple flask design is perfect for what Blu Dot is trying to accomplish, and it brings attention to itself only as a complement to the source of light.

As with almost every product at Smart Furniture, you can use our online design engine to craft the final look of the Flask Table Lamp, and have a hand in the final design of the product you buy. In this case you can choose between two different colors that make two very different design statements. The Ash version of the lamp is light and subtle, bringing the focus to the lighting. The Black version is much more dramatic and metallic - and brings the focus of the eye to the entire piece. Either way you choose, you'll be getting a beautifully designed lamp from one of the best furniture firms in the world.


The Blu Dot Flask Table Lamp usually arrives within 4-8 days from the date of purchase for destinations within the contiguous United States.

Shipping rates are equal to 5 percent of merchandise value for all Blu Dot items.

For additional information, please see our shipping and delivery policies page.


The Blu Dot Flask Table Lamp comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.


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