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Mod-E Height Adjustable Table

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Mod-E Height Adjustable Table



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Mod-E Height-Adjustable Table

Mod-E Height-Adjustable Table At A Glance:
Have you ever been sitting at your desk and just needed to stand up for a while - but you couldn't afford to stop working? Anyone who has ever needed different height worksurfaces for different tasks will identify the problem most desks and tables have; you just can't use them for multiple tasks. The Mod-E Height-Adjustable Table is our solution to that problem. Work sitting down or standing up without switching desks. Use the Mod-E Table in your garage or hobby room to alleviate the back strain that comes from bending over a table that's just meant for seated activity.

What's To Like:

  • Height-adjustability
    Because not every task you do should be at the same working height, and because we've all experienced neck pain and eye strain from working on a poorly-adjusted worksurface.
  • Easy-to-use Design
    You can easily adjust the height of the Mod-E table up to 19" in just 9 seconds with the simple push of a button. A built-in "smart-box" computer features both "soft-start" and "soft-stop" technology so your coffee won't spill while you're raising or lowering your desk height.
  • Adjustable Base
    Has the ability to be wide or narrow depending on what size top you want to put on it (the top is available in small, medium, and large sizes). The three sizes are interchangeable. Most of us won't be switching out our tabletops everyday, but it's nice to have that option. Widen or narrow the base to best fit your space by simply using an allen wrench.
  • Solid Base Construction
    So that you'll have a sturdy platform for whatever it is you're doing. Added stability is provided by leveling glides.

What's Not to Like:
You can get a less expensive desk, if you really want to. But if you want a height-adjustable desk, the Mod-E table is hard to beat.

The Bottom Line:
For all those who tire of sitting all day, and for those whose doctors have prescribed activity during the workday, the Mod-E Height-Adjustable Table is a great choice. With its easy-to-use electric height adjustment system, you won't have to work the same way ever again! Anywhere you need a height-adjustable table, the Mod-E Table is really the perfect solution.

Tabletop Specs

Tabletops available in black, espresso, honey maple, or white laminate. Comes with a silver, black, or white steel base.

Small Tabletop
Tabletop: 40" w x 24" d x .75" thick
Height: 28.25” – 47.75” (19" range)
Weight capacity: 110 pounds

Medium Tabletop
Tabletop: 48" w x 24" d x .75" thick
Height: 28.25” – 47.75” (19" range)
Weight capacity: 105 pounds

Large Tabletop
Tabletop: 57" w x 29" d x .75" thick
Height: 28.25” – 47.75” (19" range)
Weight capacity: 94 pounds

X-Large Tabletop
Tabletop: 72" w x 29" d x .75" thick
Height: 28.25” – 47.75” (19" range)
Weight capacity: 80 pounds 

Purchase Contains:

  • Base
  • Set of 4 feet
  • Specified tabletop
  • Tool kit
  • Hardware kit
  • User friendly assembly manual


Particle board top finished with a high pressure laminate and powder coated steel base

Top Dimensions:
Small: 40" w x 24" d
Medium: 48" w x 24" d
Large: 57" w x 29" d
Extra Large: 72" w x 29" d
Top is .75" thick

Height Range Specifications:
Height adjustment range: 28.25" - 47.75" (add 2" if you add the wheel kit)
Electric motor raises table at 2" per second and has a noise level of 75 DB (maximum)


Cost: 10 percent of item's subtotal (varies with options)
Carrier: UPS Ground
Shipping Time: 5-7 business days for locations in the contiguous United States


All moving parts of the Mod-E Table come with a 2-year warranty. The steel base of the Mod-E Table comes with a 5-year warranty. The Mod-E Table is warranted to support 300 lbs when stationary and 175 lbs when moving.


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