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Paso Doble Stool, Outdoor, Set of 2
Item #: MGP30

Paso Doble Stool, Outdoor, Set of 2



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Paso Doble Stool, Outdoor, Set of 2
by Magis
designed by Stefano Giovannoni

It is generally accepted that there are gray areas in all of life - but not so with the Paso Doble outdoor stool. You get black and white, and they look really good. The Paso Doble Stool is an exercise in curves, and with a mesh back that dries quickly and an aluminum frame that doesn't retain water, this truly is an outdoor stool. However, it's so beautiful and well-made that you may not be able to resist bringing it indoors as well. Available in either counterstool or barstool height.

Paso Doble Stool Features:

  • Counterstool is 38.2" h x 18.11" w x 22.04" d
  • Barstool is 42.12" h x 18.11" w x 22.04" d
  • Polymer fabric seat mesh dries quickly and keeps its shape
  • Aluminum frame and legs are both graceful and sturdy


Frame: die-cast aluminum
Seat: polyester-vinyl polymer fabric

Counter stool: 38.2" h x 18.11" w x 22.04" d
Bar stool: 42.12" h x 18.11" w x 22.04" d


MagisMagis is an Italian furniture company that puts a high emphasis on design and technological innovation. Its products often find themselves on the cutting edge of both design and structural composition - many times almost as a byproduct of the designer's standards of what is good and necessary in a useful chair or table. Magis seeks to create items that can be used in any room of the home (indoors or outdoors) and add beauty anywhere. Founded in 1976 and continuing to operate as a factory-free organization, Magis uses local contractors and outsources its manufacturing to create greater flexibility in the design process.


Stefano GiovannoniStefano Giovannoni says that the most important influence in his life was during the late 1970s, when he attended the University of Florence. There, he encountered the concept of "radical architecture," which left its stamp on the expression of Italian design. The rules were gone, and he could see more possibilities for his creations. Since beginning his first studio, "King-Kong," in the 1980s, he established a reputation based on his cleverness and eye for communication, he has gone on to see many of his products, including the Paso Doble Stool, become commercial success stories for a diverse variety of manufacturers and applications. Having been a professor at several universities, Giovannoni is content now to advise up-and-coming designers to look further than the easy solutions and to focus on research. His work appears in several major museums throughout the world.


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Package Size:
Counter stool: 24.41" x 18.5" x 40.5"
Bar stool: 24.41" x 18.5" x 44.09"

Package Weight:
Counter stool: 28.7 lbs
Bar stool: 30.8 lbs

Assembly Required:

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The Magis Paso Doble Stool comes with a 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty.