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Picture of Replacement Cushion for Eames Lounge
  • Picture of Replacement Cushion for Eames Lounge
  • Picture of Replacement Cushion for Eames Lounge
  • Picture of Replacement Cushion for Eames Lounge
  • Picture of Replacement Cushion for Eames Lounge

Replacement Cushion for Eames Lounge

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We highly recommend you replace all the cushions on your Eames Lounge and Ottoman as trying to match existing leather to a new leather is nearly impossible, especially if you have any other color than black.
Please note: The ottoman cushion and seat cushion are interchangable.  
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Eames Lounge Cushion Clip
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Herman Miller Leather Collections

Standard Leather
Chromium free and in stock at Herman Miller, standard leather is a winner for most. Direct from Austria with a matte, soft feel, this is the most popular leather used on Herman Miller upholstered items. It has a faint embossed grain pattern and little shine.

Open Line Leather
This Austrian leather is essentially the same as the standard leather, but is available in a wider array of colors. It also has a light embossed grain and is matte in finish.

MCL Leather
Italian by birth, MCL has a soft hand and natural touch with great performance; and it's easy on the earth. It will show more wrinkles over time and wear well. Avoid high-wear applications that require high cleanability and those which expose the leather to direct sunlight. It has a medium grain and shine and is a nice upgrade from the standard leather for the price.

Dream Cow Leather
A gentle European full grain aniline-dyed cowhide with a calfskin feel, this leather is soft and comes in many great colors to accent your decor. Dream cow is very popular, it has a natural grain and medium shine and is similar to Royal Hide without the price.

Metallic Dream Cow Leather
Metallic is right. This leather is infused with metals and soft shine, on cowhide for huge versatility. Features offbeat, moody colors with a shimmer to them.

All Grain Leather
European full grain aniline-dyed cowhide, All Grain is the easy choice for high-traffic areas with its thicker, more durable finish. It has a high shine with a very thick, grainy feel.

Royal Hide Leather
This versatile leather is the most beautiful of its kind. Offers a huge color range. It will develop a rich patina over time, making it a great heirloom and eliminating the need for reupholstery. Medium grain and medium shine.

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Depending on the upholstery collection you select above, certain colors will be greyed out. If the color you want is greyed out, change your selection in the "upholstery collection" option above.

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Replacement Cushion for Herman Miller Eames Lounge
designed by Charles and Ray Eames

Whether you need cushions with a bit more life or just want to change upholstery color, the Replacement Cushion for the Eames Lounge is a great way to get a bit more mileage out of your Eames Lounge Chair or Ottoman. The cushions are available with the same upholstery as the Eames Lounge and Ottoman, giving you the freedom to perfectly match if you're replacing a single cushion. Sure, your Eames Lounge is comfortable now, but just image how it could be with some fresh 6" thick foam cushions.

Materials & Measurements

Six inch thick foam cushions with your choice of fabric or leather upholstery.

About the Manufacturer

Herman Miller Authorized Retailer

Herman Miller is an industry leader in the integration of cutting edge technology to furniture and other household items to make everyday life more comfortable, convenient, and stylish. Herman Miller stands out at the forefront of such fields as ergonomic technologies, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, and customizable furniture items.

It's not surprising that Herman Miller has created some of the most ergonomic task chairs on the planet. Collaborating closely with designers such as Jeff Weber, Bill Stumpf, and Yves Behar, Herman Miller has launched such office chairs as the classic Aeron to the cutting-edge Sayl Chair.

Herman Miller is a global company with operations, sales offices, dealers, and licensees in more than 40 countries in North America, Asia/Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, serving customers virtually anywhere in the world. Herman Miller is headquartered in Zeeland, Michigan, while manufacturing facilities are located in the U.S., China, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Shipping & Delivery

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Assembly required: Light assembly required (you have to attach your new cushion to the seat, back, headrest or ottoman), but it's easy!


The Replacement Cushion for Eames Lounge comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty.

Do you have specific questions about what's covered under Herman Miller's warranty for this product? Give our sales team a call at 8‌88-467-6278 to get your questions answered.

Did you purchase a piece of Herman Miller furniture that's not working as expected? Send an email to or contact our customer service department at 8‌88-762-7841, and we'll take care of you. We usually ask for a photo or video of the warranty issue that you're experiencing, so if you want to expedite the warranty claim process, you can e-mail us with those attachments, and we'll jump on filing the claim for you right away