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Skovby Dining Chair SM 64, Set of 2
Item #: SKSM64

Skovby Dining Chair SM 64, Set of 2



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Skovby Dining Chair SM 64, Set of 2

The SM 64 is a modern formal dining chair, whose upholstered back hides all but the rich, wooden sides. With a gentle curve on the back legs and backrest, the chair invites you to sit and stay a while. The Skovby SM 64 is the big brother of the similarly designed SM 68 dining chair, at 1 inch deeper and just over 2 inches taller.

Skovby SM 64 Dining Chair Features:

  • Rich, sturdy solid wood construction
  • Numerous textile choices, including luxurious leather
  • Pairs well with the Skovby SM 14 and SM 23 extending dining tables

Skovby SM 64 Dining Chair is in stock in the following colors:

  • Black Wenge Stained Oak with Metz Grey-Beige upholstery
  • Cherrywood Stained Beech with Rex Beige upholstery
  • Solid Teak with Rex Beige upholstery
  • Walnut Stained Beech with Salamon Brown upholstery
  • Call us at (888)467-6278 for more details!

The Skovby Dining Chair SM 64 is sold as a set of 2 chairs; pricing shown is for the set.


Seat and Back: Wood with upholstery
Legs and Frame: Solid wood

Overall: 37.5" h x 18" w x 16" d


Skovby Furniture LogoAs a family owned company in Denmark, Skovby has a proud history spanning three generations. From a small workshop in 1933 to its position today as a worldwide supplier, Skovby has maintained the same standard of design plus functionality. From the drying of the raw timber and careful selection of veneers to the finished product, no compromise is made. The skills employed in the use of the natural timbers and the variations therein ensure the individuality of each finished piece.


  • Standard curbside shipping is 5% of item subtotal
  • Skovby items that are in their quick ship program are in generally in stock with the manufacturer
  • Quick ship items ship within 5-10 days from the date of purchase, and arrive within 15-20 days for destinations within the contiguous United States
  • If the item you order is out of stock with the manufacturer, we'll let you know within 48 hours
  • For delivery time of items that are currently not quick ship, please call us at (888) 467-6278
  • Chairs are delivered as a set of two

For additional information, please see our shipping and delivery policies page.

Product Q&A

Q: How many chairs are in a set?
A: Each purchase of one set includes two chairs.

Q: What should I expect when my chair arrives?

  1. Chair size and weight: 37.5" h x 18" w x 16" d; 24.25 lbs.
  2. Assembly: No assembly is required.
  3. Floor protection: This chair has wood legs with glides. Be careful when moving it, or place floor-protecting pads on the bottoms of the legs to ensure that your floor is not marked or damaged.

Q: How should I care for my textile chair?

  1. Vacuum clean often, at least once per week
  2. Non-greasy stains may be removed by rubbing gently with a clean cloth wrung out in mild soapy water; wipe the surface with a clean cloth wrung out in warm water
  3. Do not rub or brush micro-fiber materials when they are wet
  4. Stain removers should only be used after testing the reaction on a small, inconspicuous spot
  5. Rub gently towards the center of the stain using circular movements to avoid discoloration
  6. Never use stain removers if there is latex foam padding under the upholstery
  7. As with any piece of upholstered furniture, we recommend that you use caution when near it with sharp objects (i.e., don't sit in the chair with scissors in your pocket).

Q: How should I care for my leather chair?

  1. Wipe with a clean soft cloth
  2. When slightly soiled, wipe the whole surface with a clean soft cloth wrung out in demineralized or cold boiled water; wipe dry quickly to avoid blotches
  3. When absolutely necessary, wipe the whole surface with a clean soft cloth wrung out in mild soap water; wipe dry immediately
  4. Spilled liquids must be wiped off immediately
  5. Do not vacuum, as this may scratch the surface
  6. Spot remover or cleaning solutions should not be used
  7. As with any piece of upholstered furniture, we recommend that you use caution when near it with sharp objects (i.e., don't sit in the chair with scissors in your pocket).

If you have additional questions regarding Smart Furniture's policies in general, please see our FAQs page.


There is a 5-year limited warranty on Skovby chairs for normal use and on the gluing/joints. There is a 2-year limited warranty on Skovby upholstery.

Skovby's warranty covers products that were manufactured after January 1, 2007. Minor variations will occur between floor samples, swatches, printed illustrations, and items ordered. Skovby's warranty does not cover a product sold "as is" or purchased from any source other than an authorized Skovby retailer. Any product modification will void this warranty. Any product that is exposed to extreme temperatures, humidity, or misuse will not be covered under the warranty. Transportation costs in connection with product repair of defects will not be covered by the warranty.

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