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Switch Mouse by Humanscale

There's not a more contemporary ailment than the sore wrist.

The rise of computers in the workplace and at home has led to a marked rise in productivity. Unfortunately, it has also led to hours upon hours of clicking and repetitive motion- which can lead to all kinds of wrist and digit ailments- including carpel tunnel syndrome.

One common sense observation by Humanscale is that the average computer mouse comes in one size. The question that comes to mind is: "Why does the computer mouse come in one size when our hands come in so many?"

Hence, the Switch Mouse- an ergonomic mouse that is length-adjustable for virtually any hand size. In addition to this versatile sizing mechanism, the Switch Mouse features a V-shaped base that encourages ergonomically sound wrist to arm alignment and a four-way scrolling dish to make browsing easier than ever.

Switch Mouse's Ergonomic Features:
  • Length-adjustable design and symmetric shape accommodates everyone
  • Five-button navigation dish promotes healthier finger movement than a traditional scroll bar and also enables horizontal scrolling
  • Adjustable left-hand/right-hand stabilizer easily switches from one side of the mouse to another, adding comfort for both left and right-handed users
  • Integrated palm support prevents wrist anchoring- a crease at the wrist that can lead to carpel tunnel
  • V-shaped base positions the wrist and forearm at a natural 45-degree angle

Other Features and System Requirements:
  • 2 standard buttons and 3 programmable buttons for user-specified functions: 1 on each side and the clickable navigation dish
  • Cable length: 59"
  • Mechanical life of 1 million cycles
  • USB connection
  • Certified for Windows and Mac OS
  • 800 DPI resolution
  • Requires CPU 233MHz or faster processor, 128 MB RAM, and at least 40 MB of hard disk capacity
Switch Ergonomic Mouse
The Switch Mouse can adjust to the size of your hand. Click here to see the Switch Mouse sizing chart.


Plastic construction

Cable length: 59"
Mouse length: 6" - 8.25"


HumanscaleHumanscale's focus since its inception in 1982 has been providing outstanding ergonomic seating and accessories for the home and the office. Their products, which range from ergonomic computer mice to keyboard trays to CPU holders, are all geared towards making life simpler, easier, and healthier for anyone who works at a desk. Widely recognized for their line of office seating, Humanscale has done much to advance design in some newer product areas- namely in computer and office accessories such as monitor arms, foot machines, and the adjustable computer mouse. Winner of numerous design awards, Humanscale continues to deliver groundbreaking office tools that combine simplicity, aesthetics, and ergonomics.


Humanscale products come with free standard shipping for destinations within the contiguous United States.

The Switch Mouse generally arrives within 1-2 weeks from the date of purchase. For more information, view Smart Furniture's shipping rates, options, and delivery policies.

Product Q&A

Q: What operating systems does this work for?
A: The Switch Mouse is compatible with:
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Mac OS 9 (plug-and-play-only)
  • Mac OS X (plug-and-play-only)

Q: How do I adjust the mouse to fit my hand?
A: Download the Switch Mouse Size Chart and print a copy for a suggested size setting.
    To use the sizing chart and modify your mouse:
  1. Place the point where your wrist meets your hand along the green line.
  2. Determine which size corresponds to the tip of your middle finger.
  3. Grasp the front and rear portions of the Switch Mouse and pull them apart to reveal the sliding extender inside.
  4. Set the extender to the number determined by the size chart

Viewing the Switch Mouse size chart requires Adobe Reader. Click here to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Q: How do I enable left-handed clicking?
  • A: If you are using Windows Vista:
    To enable left-handed clicking, select Start > Control Panel > Ease of Access > Ease of Access Center. Under Explore all settings, select Make the mouse easier to use. Under See also, select Mouse settings. On the Buttons tab, under Button configuration, selectSwitch primary and secondary buttons.
  • A: If you are using Windows XP:
    To enable left-handed clicking, select Start > Settings > Control Panel > Mouse. Under the Buttons tab, select the check box next to Switch primary and secondary buttons.
  • A: If you are using Windows 2000:
    To enable left-handed clicking, select Start > Settings > Control Panel > Mouse. Under the Buttons tab, select the Left-handed radio button under Button Configuration.
  • A: If you are using Mac OS X, version 10.4.2 or later:
    To enable left-handed clicking, select Finder > Applications > System Preferences > Keyboard and Mouse. Under the Mouse tab, select the Right radio button under Primary mouse button.


The Switch Mouse comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.


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