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Turnstone Buoy

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Turnstone Buoy Seat
by Turnstone

At A Glance:

Turnstone Buoy Seat Buoy by Turnstone is a stool, but there's more to it than meets the eye. Unlike other portable impromptu office seating, Buoy is simple but has hidden functionality. Pull up on the lever in the side, and you adjust the seat height. Shift your weight and Buoy wobbles soothingly under you, letting you find the seated angle you find most comfortable. With a wide range of bright colors (and some more staid ones for offices with more decorum), the Buoy stool isn't just the new kid on the block - it's also the most fun to play with.

What's To Like:

    • Buoy is height-adjustable, from 17" to 22.5" high to meet your comfort level - and that of all the other folks who will be using this cool seat.

    • Buoy acts a little bit like a top. This stool has a small flat area in the center of its bottom, with the rest of the bottom tapering to give it the ability to rock any direction you'd like. It's great for encouraging movement rather than stagnation.

    • In the office, the Buoy stool is great for impromptu meetings, for workspace away from the desk, for quick and easy extra seating wherever it's needed, for when you and a co-worker need to share a space for a project, and for those times when you feel like moving but need to stay focused on your work. Buoy goes where you go.

    • In the home, Buoy is equally flexible. From a child's desk (you know how kids can't stay still) to the dinner table when you have extra mouths to feed - or even the basement for a lively card game, Buoy goes wherever you need it.

  • Color! Bright, vivacious, and bold, Buoy by Turnstone will meet your idea of fun and do it one better.

What's Not to Like:

    • Well, this one's pretty simple: if you want a stool that doesn't rock don't choose Buoy, because Buoy rocks.

The Bottom Line:

The Turnstone Buoy stool is the perfect choice for any office that encourages collaboration, or for any home in need of a flexible and fun (and colorful!) seating option.

Turnstone Buoy Seat


  • 17-22.5" adjustable height x 18" diameter
  • Polypropylene shell and base
  • Polyurethane seat foam with Cogent Connect upholstery
  • Many bright seat pad and shell colors to match any decor
  • Base tapered away from the center slightly so that the stool wobbles soothingly
  • Perfect for impromptu seating in the home or office
  • No assembly necessary

The Turnstone Buoy Seat is also known by the following manufacturer item number: TSBUOY.

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Materials & Measurements

Polypropylene frame and wobble base with Polyurethane seat foam and Cogent Connect upholstery options.

Overall: Adjustable Height 17"- 22.5" h x 18" diameter
Weight: 20 lbs.

About The Manufacturer

Whatever you need to accomplish in your home office, Steelcase can provide you with the tools to do it better, faster and more effectively. That's because they're passionate about unlocking the potential of people at work. It's the fundamental principle on which the company was founded in 1912, and it's being brought to your home office today. Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Steelcase is an international company with approximately 13,000 employees worldwide, manufacturing facilities in over 28 locations and more than 800 dealer locations around the world.

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Shipping & Delivery

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Ships FedEx Ground


Orders typically ship within 8-10 business days from the time of purchase


The Turnstone Buoy comes with a 1 year warranty.


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