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Interstuhl Silver Chair

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Back & Frame Midback
Frame Color Powder Coated White
Leather Color Black

Silver Chair
by Interstuhl

At A Glance:
Interstuhl Silver ChairThe Interstuhl Silver Chair is a remarkable piece of engineering with an arresting profile. This chair has made its appearance in Hollywood productions - and the executive suite. With the richest materials and the finest construction, the Silver Chair remains Interstuhl's premier offering. Its craftsmanship and design leave it second to none.

What's To Like:

  • The Silver Chair's visual balance is incredible to behold - it's unlike any other chair we've seen.
  • The chair has a small footprint, making it an option that makes your entire office look more spacious - without diminishing the chair's beauty.
  • Each Silver Chair is created using the finest materials available - from precisely machined aluminum to rich leather to the most durable foam.
  • This fine process includes the most scrupulous final checks, resulting in a finished product that can be called perfect, long-lasting, and ready for the corner suite.
  • BMW. Mercedes Benz. Interstuhl. German engineering. Need we elaborate?


  • Available as a mid-back or high-back office chair.
  • Adjustment controls are recessed into the chair's underside and merge seamlessly with it.
  • Seat reclines with a luxuriously smooth motion, aided by a synchronous mechanism that balances back recline with seat tilt.
  • The tilt tension adjustment is located underneath the seat, and features a fold-out crank that merges with the chair's design beautifully when not in use.
  • The Silver Chair automatically and smoothly returns to an upright position when the sitter leaves the seat - unlike other chairs that abruptly jump back to an upright position.

Materials & Measurements

Materials: Cotton over foam cushioning, leather upholstery. Aluminum base with powder-coated metal frame. 


Midback dimensions:

Overall: 42.5" h x 22.8" w x 28.3" d

Seat height: 16" - 20"

Seat width: 18.8"

Seat depth: 18.8"

Highback dimensions:

Overall: 52" h x 22.8" w x 28.3" d

Seat height: 16" - 20"

Seat width: 18.8"

Seat depth: 18.8"

Care & Maintenance

Brushed or powder-coated aluminum is an easily cleaned material, making care as easy as rubbing it down with a damp cotton cloth. Rubbing down with a dry cloth after cleaning prevents water marks from forming. Do not use abrasives or steel wool!

Dust or dirty marks can be removed with a dry cloth. More stubborn marks can be removed with a gentle cleaner, taking care to dry the surface completely after cleaning to avoid leaving water marks. Do not use harsh cleaners or shoe polish.

Silver Chair Design Inspiration

Silver Chair Design Inspiration


Hadi Teherani

Hadi Teherani
From his humble beginnings as a dealer's son in Teheran, Hadi Teherani has made quite a name for himself as a designer. Emigrating to Hamburg at 6 years of age, he grew up knowing that he wanted to create things. After his studies at the Braunschweig Technological University, he worked as a planner in Cologne and as an assistant lecturer at the Aachen Technological University. Making his name quickly in architecture, he started Bothe Richter Teherani (BRT) in Hamburg with partners Jens Bothe and Kai Richter, where he works as creative head. Teherani is also a product design associate at B + T Design Engineering. His creation of the Silver office family for Interstuhl is characteristic of his ambitious and innovative work.


Interstuhl Furniture

Interstuhl is a German company based about an hour south of Stuttgart (hopefully you'll get the chance to visit someday). With focuses on sophisticated ergonomics, sustainable design, and polished aesthetics, Interstuhl is creating some of the most exciting and beautiful office furniture in the world. The Silver Chair, Interstuhl's flagship seating product, features a gentle recline mechanism that is a testament to German engineering.

Product Q&A

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The Silver Chair is warranted by the manufacturer for:

  • Chair components: 5 years
  • Leather/upholstery: 3 years
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